Saturday, February 26, 2011

We had the most wonderful "school days" this week

This week we got to experience Bry's new schedule. He's off with us weekdays now.
We thought this would give us the most time to enjoy and do things as a family.
So Thursday we took a nice long family walk. Kids on their scooters, baby in her stroller and Alice either walking on the ground or up in arms when she got tired LOL.
After our walk Bry went golfing and the kids and I banged out some quick chores and then they played. Later that night we had a fun family game of Uno.

Thursday was a great day as well. I've taken some things from the books I'm reading The Duggars book and Large Family Logistics and incorporating them here.
We started a children's hour (which is when we devote to doing kid fun things and play as a family), quiet time (which is an hour of quiet, baby naps, I read, older girls read in their rooms and Decklin plays quietly or falls asleep for a nap).
And reading aloud has found it's way back to me. I've found that reading a story at lunch is working for me, so I've tried to do that this week and the kids enjoy it.
Ember especially who's new phrase is "read me a story please".

We are also working on automatic obedience this week and giving the kids practice on that (not the baby LOL).

Sunday we are going to our first church service as a family. I'm excited for Bry to see the church I really loved and the kids too. Speaking of which, I'm off to make coffee cake and quiche for us to have tomorrow before we leave for service.


Amber said...

Hope you and your family have an awesome time at church together, Melissa :) It was almost 5 yrs ago that my husband and I went to church together (with our 2 children at the time) and found what we were missing as a has been awesome since then :) Love reading your blog and seeing what you guys are up to! Miss our chats we used to have :D

Melissa said...

Awe thanks Amber. Miss you too! I'm going to drop you a fb message so we can catch up.