Sunday, February 13, 2011

Settling in the new place

Ugh moving is such a pain. We are partially settled. By that I mean, we are able to live with what has been unpacked so far, but of course not truly settled by any means.
Bry is changing his days off so our school days will be changing as well. Our week will run Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed (lighter day since Bry is off) and full days off being Thurs and Friday.

The kids took off a bit while we were getting some things unpacked in our new house.
So they are back in full swing so to speak.

Skylar is starting up with Christian Light Education English this week. She really likes their math set up so I think the English will be nice for her as well. This is mostly to address her spelling as no other method for spelling has been working quite as nicely as I'd hoped. So fingers crossed.

Tomorrow we are having a light day and going out to eat as a family for Valentine's day for an early dinner.

We had a hard time with the move being so overwhelming and had given our puppy away the first week in the house. But the kids and I were missing her and got her back yesterday, Thank God!  And we are happy to have her home. Here's hoping housebreaking goes smoothly as she was off to a rocky start.

Next week I hope to start being able to go to church with my brother every Sunday. He really likes his church so I am excited to join him.

I started a homeschool group for the area where I'm living now and joined a few (yahoo groups). My girls really want to take art so I'm hoping to get them in that once I find one. And I think one of both of them might take up golf with first tee and that should be about all we will take on I think.

So that's about the news and the weather with our schooling these days.

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