Saturday, February 26, 2011

We had the most wonderful "school days" this week

This week we got to experience Bry's new schedule. He's off with us weekdays now.
We thought this would give us the most time to enjoy and do things as a family.
So Thursday we took a nice long family walk. Kids on their scooters, baby in her stroller and Alice either walking on the ground or up in arms when she got tired LOL.
After our walk Bry went golfing and the kids and I banged out some quick chores and then they played. Later that night we had a fun family game of Uno.

Thursday was a great day as well. I've taken some things from the books I'm reading The Duggars book and Large Family Logistics and incorporating them here.
We started a children's hour (which is when we devote to doing kid fun things and play as a family), quiet time (which is an hour of quiet, baby naps, I read, older girls read in their rooms and Decklin plays quietly or falls asleep for a nap).
And reading aloud has found it's way back to me. I've found that reading a story at lunch is working for me, so I've tried to do that this week and the kids enjoy it.
Ember especially who's new phrase is "read me a story please".

We are also working on automatic obedience this week and giving the kids practice on that (not the baby LOL).

Sunday we are going to our first church service as a family. I'm excited for Bry to see the church I really loved and the kids too. Speaking of which, I'm off to make coffee cake and quiche for us to have tomorrow before we leave for service.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Skylar celebrates 7 years today, her 7 year transplant birthday.

This and everyday we are thankful for the family who made a hard choice in the most unimaginable circumstances to donate the organs of their own child.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The new school room and other ramblings : )

The new school room is coming along nicely. Not exactly how I want it but close enough that I feel good seeing the little ones in there writing on the white board or the older girls sitting there doing a craft or a math lesson. We have a formal dining room across from the school room and I'm not really a formal dining room kind of gal. So we have made that into a playroom. Today my brother and I picked up those lead free foam tiles that click together. They were only $21 per box. I was looking for a cushy carpet but for the size I needed it would have been over $300. So that was not an option. The tiles were a great find and the kids helped us piece those together after we arrived at home. It will be great that the little ones have a place to play and run around while the older girls are doing their lessons. I have a smaller round table for the little ones in the school room but I'm thinking of moving that to one of the kids rooms since they have have a bright colorful table in the play area which also lets them write on it with chalk
: ) and can fit all the kids if they wished.
I'll post pictures soon once it's all come together a bit more.

I still have tons of Decklin's hands on play items to pull out of boxes. Hopefully I'll get to that soon.

I went to a great church with my brother on Sunday. The kind of church that makes you so excited to come back again. Loved it and felt so inspired after leaving the service! It was unlike any church I'd ever been to before.

I am getting excited to read a few great books that are coming my way:
-Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit by Teri Maxwell
-The Duggars; Twenty and Counting by The Duggars
-Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman
-Managers of their Chores by The Maxwells. I had incorporated a system similar to this but not with using their book or guidance and fell flat. I'm hoping the book fills the gaps for me and makes things run smoother here chore wise for the kids. We are a bit off from the move and I think having this will help them get back to a good routine again. At least I'm hopeful it will.

-I had posted about this on the Robinson loop but I think it's worth repeating here. Christian Light Math has excellent flash cards and a great system which has a schedule to teach the kids their math facts. It can be used with with their math or alone to master facts. The girls are doing great with CLE math and the flash cards as well.
Definitely worth a look for those using Robinson and Dr. R's math recommendation of mastering facts.

~Happy Homeschooling~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Settling in the new place

Ugh moving is such a pain. We are partially settled. By that I mean, we are able to live with what has been unpacked so far, but of course not truly settled by any means.
Bry is changing his days off so our school days will be changing as well. Our week will run Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed (lighter day since Bry is off) and full days off being Thurs and Friday.

The kids took off a bit while we were getting some things unpacked in our new house.
So they are back in full swing so to speak.

Skylar is starting up with Christian Light Education English this week. She really likes their math set up so I think the English will be nice for her as well. This is mostly to address her spelling as no other method for spelling has been working quite as nicely as I'd hoped. So fingers crossed.

Tomorrow we are having a light day and going out to eat as a family for Valentine's day for an early dinner.

We had a hard time with the move being so overwhelming and had given our puppy away the first week in the house. But the kids and I were missing her and got her back yesterday, Thank God!  And we are happy to have her home. Here's hoping housebreaking goes smoothly as she was off to a rocky start.

Next week I hope to start being able to go to church with my brother every Sunday. He really likes his church so I am excited to join him.

I started a homeschool group for the area where I'm living now and joined a few (yahoo groups). My girls really want to take art so I'm hoping to get them in that once I find one. And I think one of both of them might take up golf with first tee and that should be about all we will take on I think.

So that's about the news and the weather with our schooling these days.