Monday, January 10, 2011

The packing has begun. Today I did 8 boxes from the school room. Not a huge deal but we had been out and about today and I did that after we settled back in.
I got some great ideas from Flylady about moving. She suggested using some of the large clear trash bags and tying them with a colored ribbon for a designated room for lighter easier items (this will be good for bedding, linens, towels, kids clothes). And to mark boxes with colored markers that also will go with a designated room. Then put color charts hanging on the wall by each room to make unloading boxes easy.
And use a number system for the boxes, the lower the number the least important it is to unload in a timely manner, those are things I don't need immediately upon moving.

Bry is headed to look at more houses with my brother on Wednesday.

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