Sunday, January 2, 2011

I had made planners

I had made planners for my girls all nice and customized. But I was at Walmart and found these cute Mead day at a glance purple calendars (lined) and thought those would be neat for them and I could easily jot down for them what they have to do for each day. So I went ahead and picked up one for each of the girls. Customized them nicely with their names printed in cool, funky colorful letters. Though I liked printing my own plans, I tend to really prefer items that are spiral bound, so until I get my own binding machine, I guess this will work : ).


Here are the workboxes the girls are using for 2011:

Yes we have used a lot of different containers/boxes/drawers for our workboxes but I tend to change it up as our needs change over time. 

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