Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First day of our new school year

Decklin and I made several batches of blueberry waffles and froze them. We had bagels and a fruit smoothie for breakfast. He went in gameroom and played and watched some PBS kids. I cleaned up the kitchen and folded diapers while watching the new season of the bachelor.
The girls got up about 10 A.M. After getting ready for the day and having breakfast, Skylar loaded the dishwasher for me.  They went to the school room grabbing their new workboxes and opened them up to get started.
I went into the school room and explained the new calendar and what to do with Math Mammoth (as far as them having the option to finish the lesson that day or spread it out over the week). Summer opted to do the whole three page lesson in one sitting. She prefers not to put things off. Skylar opted to do one page and do the rest during the week.  They seemed to have no trouble getting going. I left them to work and told them if they needed me to come and grab me.

Today Skylar started Delightful Dictation with Spelling. She seemed to really like that. She's been using some of ACE word builders. It was the best I found to suit our needs for a bit of spelling focus for her (which I felt was needed) but not in an overwhelming format. But my preference would be to use Delightful Dictation and do away with the ACE. But we'll see how well she retains and then I'll decide from there. This is such a neat book, I'm really liking the set up. Super easy to implement.

The last thing on their list was a math game. Each of them picked a game and everyone gathered around the table in the school room. I had the baby on my lap and Decklin in the mix too. We played Sum Swamp and Animal Yahtzee. We called it quits for Yahtzee as we were all ready for lunch. After cleaning up from lunch the three older kids went outside to enjoy the sunny day with Alice (the puppy). Ember fell asleep in my arms as I was reading over some paperwork.

I have Fiesta Chicken cooking in the crock pot and homemade rolls rising (yea no made dish to put dinner together tonight).  I have my Flylady afternoon routine to work on and then I'm going to set up my new flylady office in a bag (not the exact version) I'm doing an office in a box instead (picked up this neat file box from walmart). And then I have to redo Decklin's workboxes since many of his items are far to big for the stacked drawers I was using for him. I have some larger ones that I'll pull out to use for him.

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