Thursday, January 27, 2011

All packed up with a new place to go : )

Tomorrow will be our last night in our current home. Ah it's bitter sweet. I'll be glad to get back to the city for many reasons and miss country living for others. But right now I'm hoping we can return the lost dog we found to his owners before we say our goodbyes.

He was wandering outside our property yesterday. I had never seen him before. I saw he had a collar and tried to coax him over but he ran away scared. He seemed to hang out near one of the neighbors in the trees near their house for quite a while. Later when the kids were outside playing they saw him and spoke kindly to him and next thing they knew he was laying by the fence and didn't want to leave. Skylar came in and got me. She took out a handful of treats to give him through the fence. Once we saw he was not going to run away again, I walked around outside the fence with treats in hand and the dog came to me and then followed me into our fence. All he had on was a tag with where he got his rabies vaccine. I was so hoping he'd have a tag with his owners name on it : (. I am still waiting for the vet to find the records of who the owner of the dog is. I called them twice yesterday and twice today. I drove around with a picture of him to show to a few folks to see if they knew him, no luck. I gave our contact info to animal control, the shelter, the feed store that runs the shot clinic where he had his vaccine and the vet in case the owner calls any of those places about his/her lost dog.
This guy is so sweet, he adores the kids. Today I looked out back and he had his head in Skylar's lap as she sat on the swings. It was such a sweet sight to see. The dog seems to know hand signals and responds to them. He even dances and does some pretty neat tricks. He can stay with us until Monday which is the last day we'll be out here (still moving our stuff). If I have no lead on his owners by tomorrow I'm going to find him a new home.  We simply cannot take in another pet at this time, though I'm sure he would be a great pet.

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