Thursday, January 27, 2011

All packed up with a new place to go : )

Tomorrow will be our last night in our current home. Ah it's bitter sweet. I'll be glad to get back to the city for many reasons and miss country living for others. But right now I'm hoping we can return the lost dog we found to his owners before we say our goodbyes.

He was wandering outside our property yesterday. I had never seen him before. I saw he had a collar and tried to coax him over but he ran away scared. He seemed to hang out near one of the neighbors in the trees near their house for quite a while. Later when the kids were outside playing they saw him and spoke kindly to him and next thing they knew he was laying by the fence and didn't want to leave. Skylar came in and got me. She took out a handful of treats to give him through the fence. Once we saw he was not going to run away again, I walked around outside the fence with treats in hand and the dog came to me and then followed me into our fence. All he had on was a tag with where he got his rabies vaccine. I was so hoping he'd have a tag with his owners name on it : (. I am still waiting for the vet to find the records of who the owner of the dog is. I called them twice yesterday and twice today. I drove around with a picture of him to show to a few folks to see if they knew him, no luck. I gave our contact info to animal control, the shelter, the feed store that runs the shot clinic where he had his vaccine and the vet in case the owner calls any of those places about his/her lost dog.
This guy is so sweet, he adores the kids. Today I looked out back and he had his head in Skylar's lap as she sat on the swings. It was such a sweet sight to see. The dog seems to know hand signals and responds to them. He even dances and does some pretty neat tricks. He can stay with us until Monday which is the last day we'll be out here (still moving our stuff). If I have no lead on his owners by tomorrow I'm going to find him a new home.  We simply cannot take in another pet at this time, though I'm sure he would be a great pet.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Packing is moving along pretty nicely as far as packing goes : ).
Bry signed the lease for our new place today so we are pretty set as far as that goes. City life here we come again!

Now off to go play Just Dance with Skylar on the Wii for a bit until her bedtime.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The packing has begun. Today I did 8 boxes from the school room. Not a huge deal but we had been out and about today and I did that after we settled back in.
I got some great ideas from Flylady about moving. She suggested using some of the large clear trash bags and tying them with a colored ribbon for a designated room for lighter easier items (this will be good for bedding, linens, towels, kids clothes). And to mark boxes with colored markers that also will go with a designated room. Then put color charts hanging on the wall by each room to make unloading boxes easy.
And use a number system for the boxes, the lower the number the least important it is to unload in a timely manner, those are things I don't need immediately upon moving.

Bry is headed to look at more houses with my brother on Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First day of our new school year

Decklin and I made several batches of blueberry waffles and froze them. We had bagels and a fruit smoothie for breakfast. He went in gameroom and played and watched some PBS kids. I cleaned up the kitchen and folded diapers while watching the new season of the bachelor.
The girls got up about 10 A.M. After getting ready for the day and having breakfast, Skylar loaded the dishwasher for me.  They went to the school room grabbing their new workboxes and opened them up to get started.
I went into the school room and explained the new calendar and what to do with Math Mammoth (as far as them having the option to finish the lesson that day or spread it out over the week). Summer opted to do the whole three page lesson in one sitting. She prefers not to put things off. Skylar opted to do one page and do the rest during the week.  They seemed to have no trouble getting going. I left them to work and told them if they needed me to come and grab me.

Today Skylar started Delightful Dictation with Spelling. She seemed to really like that. She's been using some of ACE word builders. It was the best I found to suit our needs for a bit of spelling focus for her (which I felt was needed) but not in an overwhelming format. But my preference would be to use Delightful Dictation and do away with the ACE. But we'll see how well she retains and then I'll decide from there. This is such a neat book, I'm really liking the set up. Super easy to implement.

The last thing on their list was a math game. Each of them picked a game and everyone gathered around the table in the school room. I had the baby on my lap and Decklin in the mix too. We played Sum Swamp and Animal Yahtzee. We called it quits for Yahtzee as we were all ready for lunch. After cleaning up from lunch the three older kids went outside to enjoy the sunny day with Alice (the puppy). Ember fell asleep in my arms as I was reading over some paperwork.

I have Fiesta Chicken cooking in the crock pot and homemade rolls rising (yea no made dish to put dinner together tonight).  I have my Flylady afternoon routine to work on and then I'm going to set up my new flylady office in a bag (not the exact version) I'm doing an office in a box instead (picked up this neat file box from walmart). And then I have to redo Decklin's workboxes since many of his items are far to big for the stacked drawers I was using for him. I have some larger ones that I'll pull out to use for him.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Year by year subject break down

This just covers 2010 and 2011, as I'd not done them prior to this. I know some folks like to see how things break down to cover all subjects.

2010 School Subject Breakdown

2011 School Subject Breakdown

I had made planners

I had made planners for my girls all nice and customized. But I was at Walmart and found these cute Mead day at a glance purple calendars (lined) and thought those would be neat for them and I could easily jot down for them what they have to do for each day. So I went ahead and picked up one for each of the girls. Customized them nicely with their names printed in cool, funky colorful letters. Though I liked printing my own plans, I tend to really prefer items that are spiral bound, so until I get my own binding machine, I guess this will work : ).


Here are the workboxes the girls are using for 2011:

Yes we have used a lot of different containers/boxes/drawers for our workboxes but I tend to change it up as our needs change over time. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New year, new name for our blog

Well new year new name. I didn't want to go through the hassle of creating a whole new blog, so the web address is the same, but we now have a whole new name and somewhat of a new look : ). I think Heart Led homeschooling fits us. For my family homeschooling is all about family being at the heart of this journey and why we homeschool. Any change to materials I make is to make life better, easier in some cases, more fun, interesting and a delight to keep up with.
I hope others that homeschool feel as blessed as we do to be able to make this journey day by day with our children.
As I sit typing this post, my 19 month old, Ember is sitting in my lap. I kiss her little head and she caresses my cheek, she's now singing a song playing with her feet watching me type. My older girls came in and said "Let's go play". Down she goes walking off hand in hand with her sisters. LOL... These are those moments that nothing can compare to. I am blessed to be able to have so many of these type of special moments with my kids. These are what make having all my kids home together so important to me. Not only do I get these moments to cherish, but they get to cherish moments like this with one another too.

Happy Anniversary to my awesome husband!

Last night we celebrated our 14 year wedding anniversary.
It's amazing, how marriage gets better with every year.  I love him more today than the day we married. I am very blessed to have such a great partner in this life. He makes it possible for me to focus on the amazing job of raising our children, and homeschooling them.
I love you Bry! Happy anniversary!