Friday, December 31, 2010

Math for 2011 updated as of 7/11

Our Additional math games:

Additional board games:
Connect Four
Princessopoly (not as fun as Monolopy it seems)
Toy story dominos
Toy story Yatzee
Regular Yatzee
Mighty Minds
There may be more but those are the ones that come to mind at this time.

Nintendo DS games 
Tiger does not have a DS game but my parents are giving him one for his birthday in December. He will be getting a few games as well.
Lovely Lisa
Wonder Pets Save the Animals
Vet Life
Animal Genius
Barbie Horse Riding
Farm Frenzy Animal Country
Rubik's world
Jewel master Egypt
Diner Dash
Babysitting Mania
Cheer We Go
Cake Mania
Wedding Dash
Ener-g Dance Squad
Salon Superstar

Additional Wii games 
Just Dance (all three of them and the summer version)
We Cheer 1 and 2
Animal Crossing City folk
Cook Wars
Cooking Mama

Leapster Games:
We pretty much have every Leapster game so far.

Apps for the Iphone:  (There are so many cool apps out there. We have a ball with these)
Motion Math Zoom
Math Puppy Bingo and Math Challenge for kids
Angry Birds
Angry Birds Rio
Labyrinth LE
Paper Toss
Paper Toss World Tour
Dot touch
Cut the Rope
Free cell
Glow Hockey
Faces I make
Bead Friends
Fish Frenzy
Cake Doodle
Cookie Doodle
Spawn Lite
Pocket God
Stickwars 2
Fashion Math
Glow Stick Pro
Flash to pass
Matching Zoo
Pocket Phonics
Sandwich Maker
Rush Hour
Doodle jump
Flick bowling
Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Monday, December 27, 2010

December 2010

We had a nice holiday with my family who was visiting. I love the holidays but for us it almost feels like everyday is a holiday : ). The kids play, enjoy each other, spend time with family. We celebrated Decklin's fourth birthday. We had a little family gathering and he opened his gifts and had cupcakes. Then on the 28th, his actual birthday we took him out to a fancy dinner where he ate lobster bisque and shrimp cocktail and had a huge piece of turtle cheesecake. Santa gave him some school stuff he had asked for so he'll be having some fun once we start up again (he does things as he wishes not directed by me).
On the 3rd we begin our new year. I'm going to be going in a different direction for some things. Of course we'll keep up with Robinson reading and writing but I'm thinking of maybe doing nothing else. Robinson, as I always say, is amazing and I could not imagine not using it.  I'd love to dive more into child led learning in regard to things the kids pursue in their free time, they are making lists of things for me of things they'd like to learn more about on their own. This is also Robinson since his children pursued their own interests as they did no TV. Though we don't do that, we keep it limited.
One thing I'd love is to unschool for math. Math on the Level looks great so I'm in decision mode on that. In the meantime, I've found some books that I'm thinking to order for Skylar (my 9 year old). She loves to read so much that math via reading books that connect in story form might be of benefit to her. So we'll see how that turns out as far as math goes as that's my big concern as far as if I, who am not math minded can do something of this fashion for math. The creator of Life of Fred should have his books for the younger set out soon so I can't wait for that.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ah the holidays...

Usually I wait and wrap gifts Christmas Eve with my Mom when she's here. This year I opted to follow Flylady and wrap early. I made a gift log system and numbered the packages (wrote the numbers on the bottom of the gift wrap) so when placing under the tree I'd know what is what. (There is just no way I'd remember any other way LOL).

Our sweet looking little puppy Alice is 11 weeks today. I once heard the owner of the local German Shepherd Rescue refer to puppies as terrorists. Boy all I can say after 3 weeks with little Alice is "Amen Sister!!" boy she nailed it. I know puppies are cute, but darn I can't wait for her puppyhood to be over, ah the vision of a house broken dog...... I see it far off in the distance and can't wait for it. : )
Ya'll know me, I have her on a schedule, well the best one I can and she is for sure coming along nicely. : ) Last night I only had to get up with her once during the night. Yeah she can hold it for 5 hours. You go Alice! LOL

The girls are getting a special treat today. I'm taking Skylar and Summer to get their hair cut by my hair stylist. Normally my dad does it (he's been a hair stylist all my life) but I wanted him to be able to relax when he visits and not have to work at all. Though I might enlist his help in cutting our puppy's hair, LOL (just kidding dad... or am I?)

The girls will be taking some time off (we school year round) and take off at holidays when family comes in. So off from Monday the 20th until about January 1st.
Skylar started back up with Christian light math. She was having a spot of trouble memorizing her flash cards so I thought the two would go nicely hand in hand. Summer is loving ACE math. I created cards that say "I have the day off I worked ahead" so if they work ahead from their workbox schedule, they get the following day off and only have to do a quick flash card peak and their usual reading to themselves.

Decklin asked Santa for more school stuff. I hope he gets some great fun things to do.

Well I have to wake the girls with my Iphone morning jam. They don't wake to a nice "time to get up" so I've taken to playing some Itunes to help them rise. So much better than me having to go in over and over to wake them up. : )

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Preschool for Decklin

I think Decklin is ready to start a bit more of a structured preschool time with me. For a while now it's just been learning through play, his workbox items and the girls reading to him a lot. This is all great of course but I wanted to plan some special time that I can spend with him in the morning before everyone else wakes up, since he seems to really be bitten by the school bug and seems disappointed that he does not have things to do like his big sisters.  He always pulls out papers and says, "Mom I have to do my math page". 

I took some time this morning to make a schedule up based on resources I have on hand already. I only went up to about 6 weeks as I am going to give a spin with him using the Explode the Code Primers and I only have book A on hand to add to the schedule. I will be adding more as we get further or dropping if we need to. 
We are going to do the primers orally as I did with my girls. 
He'll continue on with workboxes as he wishes and I'll fill them with items I scheduled in and other things like puzzles, file folder games and other various hands on we have on hand. 

Homeschool - Preschool Age 4