Saturday, November 20, 2010

The kindle

I'm reading various books with techniques I'd like to put in place with our new puppy. I've been highlighting notes and even then jotting notes down by hand. After about 15 notebook pages I threw in the towel. My writing got less legible as the evening went on.
I found a way to be able to print the items I wanted to refer to instead of having to do it the old school way.

(This is taken from PC world)

Copy Kindle Notes and Bookmarks to Your PC

If you're a Kindle owner, you've probably discovered the device's enviable ability to bookmark pages, highlight passages, and add notes (aka annotations).
What you may not know is how to do anything useful with that data. For example, students might want to include annotations in a school paper. And if you're part of a book group, your might want to share those bookmarks and notes in, say, a Word document.
Either way, it's possible--it's just a small matter of copying that stuff to your PC. Here's how.
  1. Connect your Kindle to your PC.
  2. Open My Computer (or just Computer if you're on Vista or Windows 7), then look for Kindle in your list of devices.
  3. Double-click the Kindle icon, then open the Documents folder.
  4. Look for a file called My Clippings.txt. Copy it to your desktop (or folder of choice), then open it in your favorite word processor.
You'll see that the notes are sorted by book and by date--very handy.


Marty said...

Thanks for this tip!
My dd13 wants a kindle... someday, maybe. =)
I'll bookmark this post for reference.

Marty =)

Melissa said...

Sure : ) Hope it helps.

Love the kindles here for sure : )