Monday, July 26, 2010

I made a few changes to the school room.

I was inspired by looking at blogs of Waldorf homeschooling Moms. I really loved the natural feel to many of their school rooms and wanted to incorporate a few changes to our school room as well.

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NCMom said...

Your school room looks great! And as always your kiddos are adorable.

Your grandma's art is wonderful - very talented.

I'd love to know what/how you do with your chore box. I have a chore list for my guys. I've not thought of a chore pocket. That's a great idea!

Melissa said...

Awe thanks very much : )

Are you wanting info on the kids chore boxes or my chore box? As in what's in them or how they are set up?

Thanks on the pocket. That visual seems to work well for my kids.

NCMom said...

Wow! You and the kids have a chore box?! Cool. Please share how you do both, if you don't mind.

Melissa said...

I dropped you an email.

Anonymous said...

Love the rearranging touches. It's so inspiring to see "official" school rooms. Very nice!

Melissa said...

Thanks Robin.