Thursday, July 8, 2010

I love my Iphone

Obviously you can tell by the title this is not homeschool related..... however there are some neat Iphone apps which can be used in the homeschool, such as ABC Pocket Phonics (99 cents), Flash to Pass math flash cards (free), Kindle and Stanza (to read books on the Iphone) and a million other education related apps that you could use in your homeschool, if you can imagine it, it's there.

What makes me think on how much I love my Iphone (you might or might not be wondering, but I'll share anyway : ). We purchased the Iphone 4 for my hardworking husband for father's day. This little gem arrived yesterday. To say the new phone is awesome just does not quite cut it. And I am just a bit bummed that I am not free to upgrade without paying twice the cost of the phone until February.
So since my husband has his new toy (his other Iphone now has become a tool for the family in place of a phone). I have an Iphone already and didn't want to change to his. So now I've made his prior phone basically a mini computer for use in the school room and to help me with bills, and other household tasks (these would be things I don't want on my Iphone for day to day use).

There is Home routine which is great for anyone who is keeping house and likes a little check list.
Billminder which is a great calendar type way to keep track of bills.
Pageonce free Finance (which I love so much as I can see all my accounts in one place).
And Icheckbalance which is like a virtual checkbook with back up feature. (essentially a check register to replace your paper version).

I'm sure there are some great apps I have not seen yet, and I look forward to adding more for the kids to use as I think it's a great way to add some easy fun to the school day.

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