Monday, July 19, 2010

I added a bit of Waldorf spin to our school room this weekend

I have always had a love for Waldorf inspired toys but have not really extended that much into the school room. I was reading some homeschool blogs by some Waldorf Moms and really loved the nature tables they had set up. I opted to add a little spin to the nature table to suit our needs and adapt to what types of things are available in our area. I set up a summer themed spot of books for my older two girls (didn't snap a photo of that). But it contains books relating to beach, magazines relating to pretty birds we see here in the summer, etc.
And this is what I set up for my son:

This one was more for him to have some hands on. I was not sure on this one so changed it a bit to the second picture.
But looking at the two I think I like the first picture better and will add some of that stuff back on.
The tulip flower is a puzzle I made him out of craft sticks. I made him one with a sun on it also and wrote the word "sun" in the middle of the sun for him to make the connection between word and object. The set of puzzles is in the small flower pot on the left side. I put sea glass, shells and some wood animal figures we have. The Rainbow stacker is my younger daughter's but they like to play it together. And the African Violets, one of my favorite plants (they act as a nice filter and take junk out of the air. No, I'm not crazy, we have plenty of plants in our home which we picked up just for their filtering purposes LOL.)
I'm glad I have the picture with the lovely flower on it, as our cat decided to rip it off.

Here are some little guys we have been watching as part of nature study, family science (for those who like educationese)  and well just pure fun to be totally honest.
These two guys had a battle royal over food we had left out for them. The little one kept going back for more and more food and the bigger one would just knock him out of the way and take it. My kids were cheering for the little guy. It was a lesson in survival of the fittest and what happens out in nature. No one was hurt and they each got to eat so it ended happily.

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