Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some workbox tweaking

Our newly walking little Miss (13 month old) likes to rip the velcro tags off the schedule strip and the number and picture tags out of the pockets of their workboxes, (enjoying crushing them into wrinkled messes). So I was brainstorming today for a spin on the system we could use which she can not get her sweet little baby hands into.

I settled on something that I hope will work well.
Ya'll know I love nothing more than a good project LOL.

Please excuse the mess you might get a glimpse of in the background in the picture on the right. I was working on the workbox cut and paste project there on the kitchen island.
I love reading how other workboxers put together their creations. So just in case anyone is wondering what I did: I had black construction paper. I used two for each project. And glued them so they'd be one long continuous piece. 
I then printed out: 
Workbox Wall Strip
I printed this form twice for each of my girls. I glued these together to make one long strip. I then laminated this long strip to the black construction paper. (this gives us 8 blocks for work that needs to be done, and 8 blocks where they mark it as complete).
Then I added the velcro coins on each square. And the bottom clear pocket is one of those clear name badge tags. I had purchased a huge box of those cheaply, for a chore system I was trying,  so I had tons of them left over. They have a metal clip on them but I removed that. I used velcro coins to attach them to the construction paper at the bottom.  This holds their "jewels" for checking off the completed work, instead of the happy face or check mark. None of the work tags will leave the schedule, just jewels added to mark off. The work tags will change order some days but never come down completely (if they are not in use I have a basket with a file box where I have all the tags sorted).

My older daughter had the jewels as her numbers for her other workbox set up, so I cut the number portion off of both sets (yeah for recycling).
Workbox Jewel numbers

I have the flowers I made my younger daughter in case anyone would like to have access to those. She wanted jewels this time instead of the flowers though. We gave the baby the left over numbers in a clear pocket since she is such a huge fan of taking them from the girls. Now she has a few sets of her own to add to the one set I had already given to her.
Workbox Flower Cards

The work that used to go in the kids workboxes will stay in the Sterilite boxes with the lid on next to their desk. They basically just have flash cards, books or E-Readers, copywork and at times a math page, science journal and writing journal in those. They will work on order from the schedule strip and just grab what they need.
Happy workboxing!

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