Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our first day with the kindle

For anyone not familiar, the kindle is Amazon's ereader which allows you to download books either from Amazon, some free, some for a fee and also allows you to download various free books available online at places like:

So far I've uploaded some really great Robinson books:
-The Arthur Bailey Books
-Aesop's Fables
-Sophie May's series
-The Bobbsey Twins complete series
-The Little Pepper series

And some of my own add ons, such as:
-The Twin's series (such as The Dutch Twins, The Irish Twins, etc. there are 14 in the series).
-The history of Insects
-Grimm's Fairy Tales
-Reading Literature - The Primer (for my 6 year old)
-The Seven little Sisters who Loved on a Round Ball and the sequel
-The Complete series of the Wizard of Oz
-Word Mastery a Course in Phonics (for my 6 year old)
-Peter Pan
-Alice in Wonderland and the sequel
-The insect folk
-The great big treasury of Beatrix Potter
-New National First Reader
-Adventures of Pinocchio
-A Primary Reader
-Opera Stories from Wagner
-The Curious book of Birds
-Fifty Famous People
We have about 12 pages of books uploaded so far, about 112 books.


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