Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How it's going

We've been having a great few days. A few folks have asked me about the fun factor, is it missing from school? Are the days to long schooling a Robinson way?

We still do plenty of fun things, but I am not putting fun things in the kids workboxes any longer. We still cook together and bake, and play games. They still play tons with one another. They are still doing art on their own as well as nature study.
My husband had me add hitting golf balls to their schooling. I made a planner sheet for the kids to keep track of what they are doing each day (they fill it out when they are done):
Here is the one my 8 year old is using (the one for my 6 year old is similar though she has Explode the code for phonics on hers):
Skylar Daily School Log

Even though the Robinson curriculum sounds so serious, switching over this year to a more self directed style of my older daughter reading her own books was excellent. That was in place for about 6 months and was going great. We only recently did the switch over to Robinson type math which is using flash cards for mastery. And so far the kids are having a good time with that. They do them twice a day, everyday, no complaints. I print off drill sheets from Math-u-see to keep on top of prior concepts they learned using it and to review fact families.

I am trying to fine tune the best schooling hours for us. Today I think we'll be trying late afternoon. Then have an early dinner and then having the kids play outside after dinner and into the early evening. The heat is already in the 100's so even getting up early in the morning, unless they get up at 3am or 4am does not give them time to play together before the heat sets in. My little guy really hates the heat. I noticed last night at about 7:30 is when the best chore work was done, the girls were zooming through the house. And I commented that maybe night time chores would work better.
So I'll be running a little experiment to see what works best for us.

I also wanted to encourage anyone who has glanced it over before to give Robinson another look. You do not have to do follow everything Dr. Robinson says to make this program work for your family.

I'm still doing a family science, my older daughter reads that to younger sister and then they journal on it. They have fun with that and I figure we'll at least go on until they finish the book they are reading for that.


Chris said...

Nice planner sheets. My girls like checklists too. I give them one that has like two months on it. It lists what I expect from them generically (read literature selection, do 1 math lesson, etc) then has a check-box for M-Th. :o)


Melissa said...

Thanks Chris. I had ordered them planners to use on their own but they were a bit much for their age, so opted to go with the form I made for now. I like your idea of having a few months on it.

Shannon said...

I'm noticing lately with the heat that my kids are wanting to play outside more after dinner than earlier in the day. Will be doing our summer schedule during the heat of the day and then enjoying some swim time or inside activities until it cools off.

Melissa said...

I see I'm not the only one who is experiencing this.
We are to have a cool down, to the 80's my husband was saying. Is 80 cool? LOL

Diane said...

I am interested in reading more about The Robinson Curriculum. Seeing more and more of it talked about in blogland. Looking forward to future posts.

Melissa said...

Hi Diane, I too have noticed lots of talk of RC recently.
By no means an expert here, but I am a researcher by trade and would be happy to share what I've come across. Feel free to drop me an email.

redkitchen said...

I really like the planner sheets, too. Thank you for taking the time to share your homeschooling ideas and methods with us.

Melissa said...

Thanks very much.