Friday, May 28, 2010

Robinson Robinson Robinson : )

Last night I spent lots of time fine tuning our book list. I made it up to 7th grade at which point I figured it was a good time to stop since I don't really have any add ons to the Robinson list for that level on up at this time. I need to go in and do more tweaking. I am adding in lots of books available from Dover and from Yesterdays classics.
If it's possible to be a relaxed Charlotte Mason, Robinson user then that is how I would describe how it's been for us this past year and I'm thinking that it will stay quite that way, since it's going well.

Today was our first day using a more pure Robinson schedule, in that the requirement for math was a bit more strict  (I am just going to continue on with math as we have been as far as not putting time requirements, when they are done they are done. All total our school days will not be long, if it isn't broke I'm not fixing that : )
I printed all Dr. Robinson's Math flash cards but I'm really not sure how to go about presenting them so I have set them aside for now. I was reading over the Robinson yahoo group about how other users cover math facts and I think I came up with my own spin based on what others have mentioned.

My 8 year old doesn't want to drop Climbing to English, and she is only doing one page, so we'll keep on with that for now.
I have implemented the two hour reading time window today (an hour for my 6 year old). My 8 year old is loving this addition since the other kids usually give her a spot of grief when she wants to read and they want her to play.
I've opted to just enforce an hour per day and then they do free reading at night. 


redkitchen said...

Thanks for sharing your work in progress. :) I am really interested in following your homeschooling. Keep posting!

Melissa said...

Thanks very much.

Chris said...

"One new thing at a time is better" -- completely agree! :o)

Looks really good. :-D