Thursday, April 15, 2010

We began a new typing program

We have quite a few typing programs in our arsenal. I was looking for something that didn't need to be used in front of a computer keyboard or laptop so that the girls could use it outside under the gazebo, in the car on a long road trip, or in bed when they can't sleep at night.
I came across a delightful discovery called Zoom-Type. This is such a very different set up than anything I had come across before.
Essentially how it works is there is a spiral bound book. The student learns by typing on the keyboard in the book. First they type all of section A. My 6 and 8 year old did the lesson along with the included CD. We did opt to do a trick they mention in the book for young children, of using masking tape to color and place on their fingernails to correspond to each row of letters, they have four rows and four colors. To mark the left hand they mention for younger children to use masking tape with a red "x" on it to help them know the difference. I found both those tips great. My 8 year old did the lesson twice with the masking tape fingers as we called them. And then last night took the book to bed with her and while she had begun at the A section, ended up showing me this morning she had worked up to the G section (it goes up to section H). There are some drills as well and paragraphs, practice words etc as you move from learning the lessons. By the end of the book they say you will be typing 44 WPM I believe it is.
This is such a neat concept and neat approach.
My husband is a hunt and peck kind of typer and has recently been doing typing lessons using another method. He will also be trying the Zoom Type, as he and my 8 year old have agreed to a typing challenge and so far it seems she will be beating him hands down.
I have to say anytime a child asks if they can take a typing lesson to bed to work on, that has to speak volumes of how enjoyable and user friendly they find it.

The same company also has piano lessons in a similar format which I will be purchasing in the near future. My kids have been using Piano for Preschoolers and though it's a great program I think they are ready for more progression.

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