Friday, April 9, 2010

Today the girls schooled before even getting out of bed

I filled their workboxes last night and handed them their workboxes while they lounged in bed (they were awake already playing Nintendo and reading). They each had only 3 things to do: Read, Math, and play piano. Then we had a nice family breakfast, they made any corrections of their school work, played with the baby and then went outside.
I am tweaking a bit so they can take their workboxes outside to use under the Gazebo (or Cazebo) as my girls have been mistakenly calling it LOL. I am thinking of ways to be able to package the MUS blocks into a small box that will fit in each of their workboxes. So far thinking hard cased pencil cased might work best. That way each has access when needed and I don't have to bring the whole MUS wood sorter case outside as well. Love that case but not practical for lugging around.
I'm also adding some colored divided type tab in their workboxes so they can put empty folders behind that area when they are done. My older daughter likes the visual of the empty box and we can't manage that outside, as I want to keep it all contained in one box, so I think the divider tab that says "you are all done" will work well enough.

Gosh I just love workboxes! So much fun tweaking the system to fit us.


wdworkman said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!

Janet W

Melissa said...

Thanks Janet : )