Thursday, April 22, 2010

Self directed homeschooling is working so very well

What an amazing year we are having so far.
Skylar (8) is reading so much, every time I turn around she is happily reading a book to herself. Oh what a joy to see this. Last year she hated reading. The change has been amazing in her.

She is reading so much on her own. But for school time reading (which she can do anytime) she chooses a book that is science, history or literature. All living books, from either Sonlight, Robinson, Ambleside online, Heart of Dakota or something I have found on my own and added to her "school reading" shelf. So far history wise she has read about Queen Elizabeth, King Tut and George Washington. We put them on the Sonlight book of time together. She reads one book all the way through. When she is done the book, she does one notebook page about the book. She draws pictures of something from the book and narrates to me. I then write in the page her narration.

We are going to be trying a new spelling and English, later today I think, waiting on those to arrive. So far finding a nice spelling has not been easy. Some of the programs are so dry and boring, others too teacher and time intensive. So fingers crossed we hit gold with the next one. This is our first year doing a spelling program.

She is doing copywork 4 days per week, a writing journal once per week, writing to penpals and making phone calls to distant family members. She has also taken over reading science to my 6 year old and then each of them notebooks about that.

For Math, she does her math very independently. I am available, watch the MUS dvd lesson when there is a new lesson with her, then we do samples and onto the pages. She also does the 2 plus 2 is not five pages as well. She is now doing a lesson on doubles in MUS and said "I learned all this already in 2 Plus 2". So she loved that.

She said this is her best school year ever. (This is her 6th year). So that is great to hear.

My 6 year old also does much of her schooling on her own without my direct input. She reads to herself (once a week to me out loud), does 2 pages of Explode the Code, her math is the same as how my 8 year old does it. She is not reading history, science or literature on her own yet. Once her reading is stronger she will take on doing that as well.


NCMom said...

Spelling has been difficult for us as well. My youngest really loves ACE's Word Building. He says all the rules really help him. I'll put in a plug for Spell Well too.

What LA/English are you looking at?

It is so great to see your kids enjoy reading, isn't it? Sometimes it just takes a while!


Melissa said...

Hi There:
I did look at Ace but for some reason opted to keep looking. I think it was the length of the lists as they progressed on that would be an issue for my older daughter.

For LA/English I went with Climbing to Good English. We received it yesterday. Today was the first day we tried it. My daughter loved it.
We have the Evan Moor Spelling and we'll start that on Monday.

Oh my gosh I love that she loves reading LOL. I dreamed of this day that's for sure. I see my 6 year old following suit. Love it!