Monday, April 19, 2010

On the go workboxes

So I needed a bit of a more compact system than I originally started with. I have those pictures up already. But I needed a bit more function as far as the file boxes I selected being able to hold not only the schedule strip but also a place for completed work, what goes in which workbox on each day, and pockets to hold the number cards from the schedule strip, file pocket and any picture/written cards.

This is what our math work folder looks like. Each of the girls has one for their math. I stick a number to one of the outer corner velcro coins and it does in the box as is. Inside each pocket is labeled with the day name of the week. I velcro a bag of the MUS blocks to the front for ease of use. I ask the kids to put the page back where it came from in the folder and then I check all work when the entire box is done. 

Here are some things I did for my 3 year olds boxes. I opted to give him a more compact system as well. 


Here is a sample of the notebook pages my 8 year old does after she has finished reading one of her history books or science books (these are from Bare books):

Here is one of the things Decklin has in his workbox that we created from bingo markers and lids from the laughing cow cheese wedge containers. The girls colored the lids for his sorting activity as part of one of their workboxes one day:

Here's a link up for Homegrown Mom who has a very neat blog with workbox info: 
Homegrown Mom


Angela @ HomegrownMom said...

Thanks for linking up! I love to see what others are doing in workboxes so I can steal some ideas.

So cool that you give props to your hubby for making it possible for you to homeschool in the sidebar. Love it!

Melissa said...

LOL I love to see other ideas too, it's so helpful LOL

Thanks : ) on my husband. He is our biggest supporter that's for sure : )