Thursday, April 29, 2010

No longer going to be using a spelling program

Well, so far this year we've tried 4 different spelling programs for my 8 year old and we are only 5 months into the school year. None of them were a success, meaning a lesson would start or end in tears. I'm not the kind of Mom that will push on through and say "keep on going". I want school to be enjoyable, even spelling.

I've never done a formal spelling program with her and this year was our first attempt. This is my least favorite subject this year I think.

Spelling Wisdom was mentioned by another Mom. So I was reading at today and watched the lovely video they have there on Spelling Wisdom and how to present a "lesson". What an amazing way to do spelling. Also they mention not starting until a child is 10. Well that makes so much sense to me especially given that many approaches have not worked here. And I think her not being ready is the key to what we have been up against all along.
She is going to keep a spelling journal of words that come up that she asks me how to spell. He reading is fantastic and I can only imagine how far spelling will come all on it's own by the time she is 10. She will still do daily copywork and one page of Climbing to Good English per day.

For anyone who has had a spelling struggle, I would encourage you to look over Spelling Wisdom. You can see samples. And watch the video.

So spelling struggles.... closed. : )

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Meg said...

Thank you for this. It is comforting to know that I can relax about spelling.