Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 2 of the "No S Diet"

I was doing The 3 hour diet with a touch of the Flat Belly diet thrown in. I am just wanting to lose about 10 lbs. I needed something simple that allowed me a bit more freedom. Too much work makes it hard for me to get to eat my meals with four kids in the mix and meals to prepare for the rest of the family. And I am breastfeeding Ember on demand.
I remembered that a Mom on a homeschool forum had posted about this diet. It had a name I could not forget so I ordered the book from Amazon. Everything is on the website free but I'm a book in hand kind of girl.
The "rules" of this diet are so very simple:
-No Snacks
-No Sweets
-No Seconds
Except on days that begin with "S". So you can eat snacks, sweets and seconds on the weekend and on Special days, which are birthday or holidays. (No more than two special days per month).
Eating plan. You eat three square meals a day. You fill one plate with your choice of food, no sweets and no seconds. You can have sugar in your tea or coffee and enjoy fruit. But the fruit (which is a healthy sweet) must fit on your plate as part of your meal.
He has a neat idea bout using Red and Green to color on a calendar. I'm using the academic single page planner from Homeschool Classifieds for that.

As someone used to snacking on other diets, this is a totally new concept to me.
I have to say, yesterday (day 1) was so simple. I had a nice hearty yet healthy breakfast, I felt full for about 5 hours. Had a great lunch and then a great dinner. Best of all I was able to eat what the rest of my family was eating. No measuring or calorie counting or eating at a different time then that rest of my family.

I think this is a way of eating for those of us who hate to diet.
I'm excited and looking forward to day 3 tomorrow. With so many little ones, this is something which seems so much simpler than anything I'd ever tried before. So simple I am smacking my head as I read the book and saying, "duh" LOL. No counting, no measuring and no giving up things I like to eat. Yes some foods I have to put on hold, like a nice piece of cake for dessert. But I don't eat dessert daily so saving it for weekends or special occasions will work fine for me. Frankly I'm just happy to be able to enjoy cheese, a piece of bread, a potato or pasta as part of a meal instead of having to run away from those things as other diets have urged.

Also a show I recently watched called Jaime Oliver's food revolution, really had a great eye opening impact on me. I don't fed my kids bad foods, much junk or sweets but I still felt drawn to improve on some areas. I'm sure many parents watching the show have felt the same.

Wish me luck!

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