Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hope everyone had a nice Easter

Our holiday weekend was very nice.
Friday we had a very light school day, made some Easter crafts, girls did Easter related copywork and math that I found free online. While we were cooking lunch together I got a call from Bryon, he had a  problem with his engine in his fairly new car. This is the 3rd engine they've put in, the problem is under warranty, thankfully (though thanks to Dave Ramsey's emergency fund step, we didn't have the worry of "how would we afford this" if it was something out of our pocket. He got stuck on the way to work and had to wait for a tow which took awhile. However he was able to be home for a whole extra evening which we all enjoyed despite the car issues. That night we made a great homemade pizza for dinner which was a hybrid pizza of things we just threw together. We also made one of Jaimie Oliver's chopped salads. Dinner was great and it was fun making pizza with dad for the kids too.


Saturday, Bryon, with the help of two neighbors, put up a gazebo on our back patio. It looks great and will be a great place to sit once it warms up again (for some reason it's been windy and freezing since Saturday.) I spent the bulk of Saturday cooking in preparation for Easter, nothing crazy, just some rice pudding and some appetizers. That night Bry and I made a homemade coffee cake together and watched a movie while it was baking.

Sunday, my brother came up and joined us about lunch time. We had appetizers for awhile and then dinner at about 5. It was a great day and my husband said the best Easter he thinks we've had so far. That was so nice to hear. Also it was just a nice relaxing day, no running around like crazy.

The kids and I have been doing a lot of cooking together, pretty much every meal we cook together. After the meal is ready, they like pretending I'm the chef and one of them is the server. We make it a fun time. My kids really play this up coming and saying "Chef Melissa, one of the customers wants to know where her food is, or there is a little boy there who is singing loudly at the table." They like when I pretend to be Chef Ramseyish LOL.

Today we are only doing a bit of math. I recently purchased a new journal to keep track of our schooling/unschooling and want to get everything copied into there and I also have some homemade chicken strips I want to make and freeze for the week.

I did make a bit of a curriculum change. Though I love Queens for Language arts it's really not working to use a CM type LA right now for my 3rd grader. She needs a bit more of review of concepts to cement things, specificially spelling. And spelling via their copywork was not a nice fit for her as she was more focused on the copywork being perfect verses getting the spelling words down pat.
What I find to be a great fit for my style is not always a great fit for one of my kids and vice versa. Which is why I have no hesitation to try to tweak and then if that does not work to find a much better fit.
We looked at Samples together of a few things and talked them over, and I went ahead and ordered Spectrum Spelling. I really don't want to have to bog her down with heavy grammar at this point, when spelling is where her focus needs to be. Plenty of time for that down the line in regard to grammar.
So it should arrive on Thursday. And if it's not a good fit, luckily there is much more out there to choose from. We are very lucky in that regard for sure, so many great materials to choose from.

Today is day 7 on the "No S Diet".
The holiday weekend went great. I was actually glad to get back to Monday and to eating just three square meals, it's so much simpler than an "S" day, which I know sounds weird but I like the comfort of 3 meals and no more : ).
I definitely think this could truly be a keeper. I ordered the book and had it sent to my Mom who is going to read it over.

Well enough of my rambling. I hear the baby stirring.
~Happy Homeschooling~

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