Sunday, February 21, 2010

We recently received a Roomba

This is a neat little robot that's sole focus in his little robot life is to vacuum your floors.

We've had him for 3 days now and my floors have never been so clean, and that's not from my lack of trying. However it's not easy to vacuum as often with a manual vacuum when you have many other things going on in the house. And I've found that in practice for the arrival of the Roomba, (we started a week before he came) my kids happily do a quick run through the house picking up anything they might have left behind. My husband and I debated a lot. After deciding to take the plunge, we ended up going with the pro version. As I write this, this is their top of the line of their models. The reason being, we wanted something that would handle pet hair and children. The crumbs under the dining room table were of special concern, would it be able to get those after each meal?  I am happy to admit that the performance has been fantastic.
Our little one is crawling and it's great to be able to run this little guy before she wakes in the morning. I was able to find it with a lifetime warranty (which I felt we needed in our home LOL) and also found a coupon for $49 off. So that was a nice bonus as well.
Definitely one thing that has already made our home cleaner, less cluttered and taken one thing of our chore list.


Sarah said...

You said: we wanted something that would handle pet hair and children

So how many kids has it vacuumed? ;-)

LOL, sorry! I can relate to both pet hair and children. I've never looked into one of those. How much floor space do you have? My son would have to be very careful w/his Legos if we had one of these!

Melissa said...

LOL Sarah too funny : )

Our house is 3,000 square feet. I have it do the main areas of the house, kitchen, school room, game room, dining room, and family room daily. The bedrooms I have it do weekly.
It also has this neat little spot clean feature for when the kids make a mess under the dinner table. Love that!
We do the Roomba clean each night (sort of like me yelling fire drill) and the kids run and pick up any of their things. So far it's working well. But I have to say that the Roomba can even pick up a bracelet and legos.
I've not had to take out my Dyson vacuum since the Roomba has come to live with us LOL

If you get one, I'd love to hear how you like it : )

Kimberly said...

I have been wanting one of these forever! Did you buy yours from the official site and where did you find the coupon? I have four kids under the age 8 and 1 dog and 1 cat...I neeeeeeeeed it!

Melissa said...

Hi Kimberly,
We actually got ours from:
They offer a lifetime warranty which I felt was needed with our household just in case.
Out the door after the discount it was $549.
Here is where I found the coupon code:

I hope you'll post if you get one. I'd love to hear your experience : )