Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Some more pictures of workbox redesign and school room

This is a set of report covers that have 3 ring set up with prongs to go through the paper work. I am partial to these verses the bulk of 3 ring binders. So my girls each have a few things in theirs (one folder each item):
-Math-u-see system review
-Two Plus Two is Not Five worksheet
-Reading Log (Skylar only)
-Happy Scribe copywork
-Summer had a folder to keep track of what she does on Starfall.com
-Skylar has one to keep track of what lesson she does on Spellingtime.com

This is how the folders (pink for Skylar) look in the file jackets in our file boxes. 

Here is Summer's Starfall folder. 

Today I took the file jackets and cut them in half and attached them to each of the girls desks. Then put velcro coins (one on left side one on right side) for the pockets that hold the numbers (one pocket for the numbers that the take off the number strip when done) and (the other that they take off the work folder when done with it). I had these pockets stuck on the front of the file boxes but felt this might be easier for them to do while sitting at their desks. So this way they would be able to just do it from their seat instead of having to bend to the file box at the base of their desk. 

This was taken before my husband hid all the cords of the computer but you can get the idea. 

My little guy game in to investigate the new set up.

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