Sunday, February 21, 2010

A little more tweaking of my 3 year olds workboxes

I have never done the clear shoeboxes on the shoe rack, the true workbox design. But we have used CLE tidi files, then a colored drawer system. And then I really wanted a more compact system.
What I changed over to for my girls is going great (I posted about that with photos). For my 3 year old I switched to use 3 stacking baskets for him with the over sized ziplock bags in. That really didn't work so well so now I'm adjusting a bit more.

He really has no interest in a schedule strip of any kind. Also he dabbles in school with us as the bulk of his school is playing and my reading to him before the other children wake up in the morning. Instead of a schedule strip, I did a wall next to his little work table in our school room. He loves the movie "Cars" so I did a car theme. These each have a velcro coin on them so when he takes one off a work bag he will place it on the car with the number that matches.

Here are his work bags. They have a large colored tag on the front (this is just for visual appeal). I put a velcro coin on that and then the car numbers will go on each bag. 

This is what the milk crate looks like with 10 full bags in them.

The tag from the bag removed. 

It will go on the number that is hanging on the wall.

I am thinking I might trim down the size of the tags on the bags, but not sure yet. I'll see how tomorrow goes. 

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