Friday, February 5, 2010

Family closet project

I've made some changes in this since my original post so I am correcting that. Today is 2/9/10. Our set up is nothing fancy but workable for me : )

Yesterday the girls and I cleaned their room top to bottom. Something I think that will make life easier for all of us actually is the family closet. I had first seen something like this on TLC while watching the Duggars, a large homeschooling family. At the time I loved their closet but didn't make the connection that it could work for my own family.
We are doing a modified version.
1. Bry's and my clothes will remain in the master walk in closet.
2. Baby's clothing will remain in her dresser, which is in the master bedroom.
3. Decklin, Summer and Skylar will now use the "family closet" system. In a hall closet that I converted yesterday after reading about them on the Raising Olives blog I have linked above. Baby's clothes now also in the family closet.

The girls and I gathered up every piece of clothing they had that was not in their drawers and washed it all. Then we sat together and sorted it into their laundry baskets (which have their names on them). I then went and put them in their designated area in the family closet.

The closet system I put in place consists of:
-4 sets of those rolling Sterilite drawers. I removed the wheel base and top and put them all together (they click and lock and become quite sturdy). I also have a smaller set of Iris drawers that we got a long time ago. I can't find them to link, but they are thinner and fit perfectly next to the larger drawer system. I went to walmart and got two more sets of those as well.
-Each child has 3 large drawers, but the baby, who has two of the large drawers. She wears wool cloth diaper covers so besides a few Pj bottoms he wool pants are kept with the diapers at the changing table.
The drawers are labeled:
-Underwear (and my ds has his socks in here as well).
-The older girls are sharing a sock drawer and also have a shared hanging bag of stockings/pantyhose.
-Baby has one small drawer for sweatshirts, pantyhose and baby legs.

The girls have one of those pop up hamper type toy bins that I put all their bulky sweatshirts in. Though I'm not sure if this will be the way I will keep those. But for now it's fine.

I have a hamper for lights and a hamper for darks (one on the wall and one on the door).

If this works out we will get rid of their dressers. For now I took the ones out of the girls room and will hang onto them in the spare room. I have not removed my son's yet even though his are empty. But we'll see what happens. My luck I'd give them away and then the system would not work and I'd have to get new dressers LOL. I moved the baby's dresser into the school room, just as I had no where else to put it LOL. But since it's the same color as my bedroom set I'll move it back and move the extra black dresser I have in there for her blankets and put that in the school room instead (since our bookcases are mostly black). But we'll see how industrious I feel LOL.

So that was my new project.  It's up and running. I've had luck already as when I wash the clothes I fold it and walk right to the closet and place each child's items in the right place. Usually I'd let the clothes mountain build up LOL. So that is a huge accomplishment for me : )

Here are some pictures:

Here are the towers of drawers.  Everyone has labels on the drawers that are color coded as well as having their names on them. I laminated them and also attached them to the drawers with velcro dots. I figured that'd make it easy if I have to move drawers around, say one child ends up with more and needs an extra drawer. Then I can just move the label verses having to totally redo it. 

This is the hamper for dark clothing. And hanging in the background is the bag of pantyhose/stockings for the older girls. 

This is our lights hamper. And that small bag on the floor I hang in the bathroom and the girls can deposit their clothes before they hop in the shower into there. Then I take it to the closet and sort it into the proper hamper. 

I have a step stool in the closet so I can reach the top drawers, figure that combined with my sketchers shape ups might give me a little exercise while putting laundry away. Every little bit helps : ) 


Megan said...

It looks great! I love the idea of getting rid of the dressers. For us that would free up even more room in the bedroom for playing.

Melissa said...

Thanks Megan : )