Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Adding some new things today

Yesterday my brother-in-law, a true computer expert by trade, was gracious enough to help get a computer we had inherited, online via our wireless network. I had tried to add this computer myself but it needed some tricky things done to it, of which I of course had no idea, so better to have an expert LOL

We put it in our school room (oh we are so high tech now LOL). So the kids can use that instead of using my Macbook. (when they did typing lessons on the laptop they would always hit the center button which would throw them off).

Today Skylar did some MUS online drill (which she loved) and did some typing (via a program we have). She said that computer learning was so much fun.
So after that I opted to do some workbox planner page re-design using the PC for more of our schooling. She will be using a free online spelling program three times a week called Spellingtime.com, looks like fun. So we'll see how that goes.

Summer is doing Starfall instead of Spelling time and also going to be using the MUS online drill.

I'll add photos once we are all tidied up : )

And I'll post the new workbox schedule for any who want to take a look.

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