Thursday, January 28, 2010

Revamping workboxes

 Our newly done number strips. 
Summer wanted roses as her number theme, Skylar wanted Diamonds LOL, and Decklin didn't care but he now loves the movie cars so I made him a Cars theme. 

I am not sure how this will work but I felt drawn to try a more compact system. We had been using 2, 20 drawer systems (so that was 40 drawers all together) in our formal dining room (converted to school room).
So I felt like maybe I wanted to try something a bit different:

I took file boxes we hand on hand already and purchased letter size file pockets. They are enclosed on all sides except the top.
This small clear pocket on the front holds the extra numbers (I made 10 but do usually at most 8 boxes). There are two clear pockets and the girls will put the numbers they have taken off the work folder and off the number strip and put them in there.

this is folder number 3, copywork from happy scribe.

Though you can't see this well, this is my little cheat sheet 
that tells me what goes in each box, or each file in this case. 

 This is just the box for the files where my girls will put the files when they are done with them. 

Decklin has a new system too. I am doing bags (with air holes punched in - just in case). I'm using large 2.5 hefty bags with a zipper closure. You can fit two full sized loaves of bread in those. So I thought they would work well for some of his bulkier items. For him I think being 3, seeing what's inside is essential. As he does not work through the system the way the girls do. He does more of a pick and choose type of workboxing. 

On the brown velcro dot is where the number will
go for the bag. He'll take the number off and stick it on the wall chart in the pocket (you can see that in the first picture in this post)

 Now we have more space and I was able to hang some copies of my Grandmother's art above our Piano in our school room (the piano used to be under the window).

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