Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our learn to read program

-Leapfrog Letter Factory
-Explode the Code Primers A through C
-Bob books set 1

At about age 2 or 3 we begin watching the Leapfrog Dvd for fun. In the past with my older girls about about 2.5 for Skylar and 3 for Summer we add in the ETC primers. We did them orally as a fun game. If they wanted to do the writing they were welcome too but I never required it. I didn't require it once we reached upper ETC levels either. Once they get blending, putting those two sounds together to form a word we would add in the Bob books.
Every so often I'd do a "test run" to see if they were able to put those sounds together. If not, we'd just put it aside. When they did get it, we still kept on working on the primers but would also read a Bob book to practice that blending skill.

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