Thursday, January 21, 2010

Leaving directions for our spouse or family should something happen to us

Both my grandparents passed this year. It seemed that some of my family was scrambling to find things, like life insurance policies that were not located on my Grandmother until after the funeral had been paid for.

I knew I had seen online somewhere a binder that helps you get all the important info together for your loved ones. So I asked some fellow homeschool Moms to help me out and of course they came through with something perfect: It's called Get It Together
It has all the forms you need, but also has directions to your loved ones, like this is what needs to be done this first week after I've passed, a recommendation for links to find a grief counselor and so on. It guides you through all of it.
I did the instant download with a coupon code I found here  and it cost me only $1.16 total for this great resource.
I won't kid you and say this is something I want to do or find enjoyable. (I started last night) and when I was at the funeral page, I was crying hysterically. It's so sad to think of not being here with my family. Of course I hope this is not needed until I die at a very ripe old age of course. But to give my loved ones peace of mind and to have peace of mind now knowing they'd be able to find everything and know what needs to be done, that will make it easier for me to deal with the sad feelings as I work through it.

Just wanted to share this for anyone who might be interested.

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