Saturday, January 9, 2010

healthy non toxic products

Updates as of 7/23/10
Other Moms and I are always talking non toxic personal care products. Everything I use I have checked with cosmetic database for safety. I try to stay at a 0 - 2 rating for all I use, but some things might be a 3. Some things it's hard to find safe so I do the very best I can and try to make the best choice I can. For example the mascara I use is a 3 on the hazard scale but I love it and I can't find anything else comparable. My lipstick (I like the stay on kind is a 4). But as I said, I do the best I can overall with all my items.

I thought it'd be nice to list the ones I use and love for any who might be interested:

These I order from Vita Cost:

Burts Bees orange essence facial cleanser (I use this as my cleanser AM and PM)
Nature's baby face and body moisturizer (I use this as my face moisturizer).

Jason hi-shine styling gel 
Shikai hair spray ( I no longer need to use hairspray so am not longer purchasing this). I'm using this instead after I get out of the shower on my hair. 
Aubrey Organics Shampoo (I am now using this shampoo on myself and the older girls). 
Aubrey organics conditioner (I have highlighted hair. This smells like coppertone suntan lotion and I love the smell.) I'm not using this any longer and myself and the girls are using this one. For anyone who has used Pantene and liked it, this one is a natural healthy choice for you. 
Weleda toothpaste 
Weleda tooth gel for babies/toddlers who need safe swallow toothpaste
Weleda plant gel toothpaste (two of my kids like this one)
Nature's Answer toothpaste (I go back and fourth with this and the Weleda just depending on what flavor I want to use when I order LOL). My little guy is using Toms natural strawberry. Myself and the older girls are now using Jason Powersmile). 
Jason Mouthwash
Lafes Deodorant (this really works and smells good)
Almond Glow Lotion (smells great use this on the adults and my kids, has taken away my son's dry skin completely).
Body oil (just smells devine and used in place of body lotion)

I use these on my kids hair:
Kiss My Face Obsessively Organic Wherever Shampoo 
Kiss My Face Obsessively Organics Wherever Conditioner
I'm no longer using the shampoo or Conditioner but using the ones above for the older girls.
Spray on detangler (only for times we need one which is not often, but I keep it on hand)
I'm using this one on the younger kids.

Household products I have used from Vita Cost that are eco friendly:
Ecover fabric softener (smells great and I cut it with water to make it stretch longer, you can get a lot of this). 
Ecover Toilet bowl cleaner 
Seventh Generation Kitchen Spray 
Dusting Spray
(I now make my own of all of this but these are nice options as well).

From Amazon I love these in place of toxic swiffer type wet pad floor wipes, and use them on my swiffer  mop (the kind that you wrap the pad around)
Wipex Vinegar floor wipes or you can make your own by using old cloth diapers, old cotton T-shirts or those microfiber cloths you can buy. I'm no longer buying the Wipex pads as I now make my own. 

Organic mineral make up:
Alima Pure

From the local grocery or walmart:
Bar bath and body Soap 
Sure invisible solid (My husband uses this one) 
Well I've gotten my husband to use one from Vita cost, it's Almond scented and works great and lasts through him working out, or being out in the heat on duty. I'm using this one now as well. 
Happy Health to All!


April said...

Thanks for sharing this website! I'm on my way to go check out the things I use...

Melissa said...

Sure April : )
Happy shopping!

Anonymous said...

Tom's of Maine has great deodorant. I love Aubrey Organics and Giovanni hair products. It's cheap at and Happy Shopping! :-)