Friday, January 29, 2010

Day One of our new workbox re-design

This went very well. I was surprised we even got to school today as I had a dentist appointment this morning and didn't get home until well after noon. Bryon was home with the kids and was so sweet to clean the kitchen and our game and family rooms so I could come home and just relax. That was such a joy to come home to.

I had set up the kids boxes the night before so we just had to walk in the school room and get started. So after lunch we went and did just that.
Decklin watched a dvd (educational of course as it was school time LOL). So he didn't use any of his new box set up today.

The girls seemed to like the more visual aspect of the new system. Before they would work through a drawer/box and when they were all done, the boxes would be empty and there would be two sets of numbers attached to the front of each drawer. But the boxes were still there. With this change up they actually take the completed folder out of the box which sits on the floor right next to their school desk. They end the day with a totally empty box.

I had purchased file crates (like milk crates) today to give a try (to see if they might work better for us)  but I didn't like those as much as the file boxes.

I'm going to give it a bit before making a judgement on whether I can still with this set up or not. But I do like how compact it all is, that's for sure.

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