Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Birthday week has begun

Since Skylar and Summer's birthdays are so close in days, we celebrate what we call, (drum roll please LOL) ........birthday week : )

We bake, craft, play, eat goodies, and just have a fun old time.

Today we made our own pizzas for lunch together. That was fun, and the kids all said "this is the best pizza ever." Wow! I guess I'll be buying those pre-made mini pizza shells so we can make our own together more often!

After lunch we baked cookies together. Then we ate a bunch of them LOL

(all cooking was done while Ember was in her Mei Tai baby carrier). Gosh I love that baby but boy she is a heavy monkey.

Then off the girls went to play with their new Barbie dream house my parents sent them for their birthday's.

Tomorrow we'll be baking Summer's birthday cake together, (she has requested Strawberry Shortcake).

We're on school break until Wednesday the 18th.

Phys ed in our house LOL

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I've been wanting to post this for awhile of my kids having a blast with my brother.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Storing workbox cards

I have seen some really neat ideas for this. I went the cheap route with what is on hand and use the empty containers you get from buying strawberries. That keeps all my schedule strip velcro backed cards and also my larger inside the workbox cards.

Something new for Decklin to make our day go smoother

Decklin is almost 3. He has had his own workboxes and will just grab what he wants. The issue is he never cleans it up, so by the end we have a mountain of Decklin's things all over the school room or everyone else stops as we go to tidy up. Last night I re-arranged our school room and next to Decklin's desk I put a large basket of "Decklin" friendly items, or preschool type friendly items that he can grab from. That way he can grab from there and put them right back in there. The whole being to put it all right back LOL.
I will still keep things in his workboxes but I am going to direct him to put it all right into his own basket beside his desk.
Here's hoping that helps a lot in keeping me or the other kids from having to stop in the middle of what we are doing to clean up his trail of school things LOL.