Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our first history pockets

We are reading about the Pilgrims in Stories of The Pilgrims. We did our first history pocket from Evan Moor's Life In Plymouth Colony for grades 1-3. It was not as exciting or fun as we all thought it would be but we'll see how it plays out in future weeks : )

And there are photos from our first tea party on Oct 2nd.

Our Halloween school day

For Halloween we'll be taking a short easy day so that we can bake, watch some child friendly halloween shows and so on. We have been doing halloween type crafts all month. We did paper mache pumpkins, pumpkin stepping stones, balloon ghosts, pumpkin and spiders made out of clay, paper cup ghosts, water color halloween themed painting, drew our own haunted houses, a pumpkin unit study with life cycle of the pumpkin book, and colored some halloween pictures.

So for Friday our school day will look like this:

halloween math pattern sheet from Enchanted learning
 addition worksheet
halloween color by number

Language arts:
halloween wordsearch
She's also going to tell us a scary story she made up for Halloween.
Will read Pete and Ghost (book she enjoys that has a halloween theme).
online coloring page (computer and mouse control)

Reading about Bats and listening to them online and watching them on videos online.

Summer will be doing the same but some of her sheets are a bit different:
counting worksheet
halloween wordsearch

This is my brother with us : )

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

workbox stuff for Decklin (will be 3 in December)

New things we now have:  

-One of those mini cupcake/min muffin containers that you buy store bought baked goods in, large size cotton balls and tongs. He had a baggie with the cotton balls and dumps those on his desk. Then uses the tongs to put them in each cupcake slot.  

-We just made our own things similar to these: For this one we just used an old note paper storage cube we had on hand which happened to be golf related and made of wood, some non hardening molding clay and golf tees we also had on hand.  

-We made something similar to this as well: We are not handy here so we used precut and presanded molding and then my husband got the bolts we needed and drilled those in and then we got screws for that and had a small screwdriver on hand.  

-I also found these neat things at home depot called view tainer. It's made in the USA and you can make some fun games for those:  

-We also got felt foods from Etsy, one is a pizza making set, and another is sandwich making.