Sunday, September 27, 2009

Some of our fun workbox stuff

Since the lead recalls from the China made toys we no longer buy any toys made in China for our kids. The only exception to that are Melissa and Doug toys which are well tested and Barbie dolls which we can't avoid since there is nothing comparable.

Old catalogs are great for having the kids make their own scenes on paper. And my older dd loves the thought of recycling.
My older dd has used the Lands End catalog to design outfits for people she's drawn in her sketchbook. 
My younger dd designed a room using a furniture catalog. 

My son loves the aquadoodle coloring with water.
I give him paint brushes to use with a cup of water and it keeps him busy for a good hour.

Melissa and Doug pattern blocks and boards:

Ed Emberely drawing books:
We have:
-Complete Funprint drawing book
-Drawing book of faces
-Drawing book of animals

Usborne I can draw Animals:

We have several of the Lauri Inc items:
My 2 year old through my 2nd grader use varying items of theirs.

My girls like to make cards with clear stamps and a block. We got ours at Walmart but Amazon has them also:
We use a set of stamp ink markers (they use those to color the stamps before using it, in place of a stamp pad)
My little guy uses a first set of stamps that are round. But here is something similar to what he has, but his are all boy things:

Lacing beads:

The girls use many of the Klutz books:
They especially love the fancy dressers, pom pom animals, and totally tape:


Play Foam:

Mandala Designers:

Other things they do for fun in their workboxes:
-Jigsaw puzzles
-leapster games
-Hot dots self checking activities
-hi ho cherry o with baby brother
-file folder games some from other sites, some of my own. To make my own I just google clip art or images for the theme I want. I made one of math facts using Christmas Trees and ornaments that I found online. I printed them all out on cardstock. I did another with a dog and bone. Those were fun to make. I did them for math facts for my 2nd grader.
-Melissa and Doug craft kits (like piggy banks, wood dolls, book marks)
-Card making
-painting and other various art, such as working with self hardening clay, water color crayons, etc.
-play with the cat
-various sorting games. I used a left over container from cupcakes that a friend gave us (super market container). It's the mini size and I let my son sort bingo markers by color in there.
-pouring activities (from one pitcher to another)
-scratch art
-dover coloring books (various)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We're doing a world culture study

We're going to use Jeff Corwin's new show on Food network as something fun to build off. My dd's love cooking and food shows.

This week's episode will be on Thailand.
Here are some things we'll be using for our Thailand study:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fine tuning our workboxing

I've opted to go with a 4 day school week. I need an extra day to just get the house in order.
Here is our new 4 day schedule:

Also we got new workboxes. I'll upload a photo of those in practice in our school room soon but in the meantime you can see them here at Sam's Club:
A fellow homeschool Mom on my workbox group shared photos of hers and I loved the way they looked. (so pretty LOL)

Obviously the workboxes are working here for us but I've just been adapting as our needs and direction has changed. I do really enjoy the system.