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I wanted to put all my workbox photos in one place so I'm doing another post on them and also for anyone who wants to know what a workbox is I figured it'd be helpful to have that all in one place.

What is a workbox?
It's a system developed by homeschooling Mom and author Sue Patrick.
It creates physical and chronological structure to a child's school day, using a visual cue (the boxes, the schedule strip) and encourages the parent to present work in bite sized chunks, mixed with fun things which make school time enjoyable for the child. The child is able to see what is coming when and gets structure and order while working through their school day.

Sue's book has downloads for all the items you need for your boxes, as well as schedule strip, school check in and numbers for the boxes and numbers that go on the schedule strip.
You will need either clear laminate or clear contact paper, cardstock to print your cards, file folders if you want to do file folder games and velcro coins (or velcro dots - nice and cheap on
ebay for these!)

Sue Patrick encourages the use of clear shoeboxes in a shoe rack, but I have seen many variations from magazine holders, cereal boxes, plastic drawers, hanging file folders etc.

Our day starts with my kids checking in to school using the pocket hanging on the side of one of our shelves. They seem to enjoy this.
Then they sit at their desks (they asked for school desks and love um!) and I have their schedule strip sitting there for them. There is a set of numbers and any other picture cards I want on there (these pictures are for things that do not have a box, like play with baby brother, Wii fit, do a puzzle, play with the cat, watch a dvd lesson - like Sonlight Discover and Do dvd or an episode of signing time and so on).

Then they take number one off their strip, attach it to matching workbox that has a number 1 on it. They take whatever is in their box to their desk and begin working.
Some boxes have a "work with mom" sign on them and the kids take that off when they get to the box and hang it on a wall strip I have just as a keeper for them, or they put it into a jar I have on my desk.
By the end of their school day (which is not long at all) there is nothing left in their boxes and their schedule strip is empty and they know they are done for the day : )

some of our printables:

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