Sunday, August 16, 2009

On the road to losing weight

I've been reading the journeys of several homeschooling Mama's on the road to their weight loss and thought I'd share mine.

After the birth of Ember on May 7th, it seems that I am having more shall we say "Mommy Tummy" than after my other children. So I opted to use The 3 Hour Diet in an effort to begin to get myself back in shape. Today is day 8, and I've lost 6 lbs. I'd like to get back to about 120 or there about. I've found that for me with the breastfeeding on demand, about 1650 calories per day is the right combo for me.

The reasons I went with this method verses many others are:
- It's realistic for a breastfeeding Mom with 4 little ones to incorporate into my day.
- I am able to eat foods I really enjoy along with sweets.
- I don't have to follow recipes and can eat normally with my family.
- There is no additional expense in my grocery budget.
- I have not felt hungry and therefore not grabbed handfuls of chips or candy like I used to.
- I feel more energy despite waking often at night to nurse the baby.
- I don't have to exercise to get the benefit of losing weight.

I've not really added in much exercise more than housecleaning while carrying my 16 lb, 3 month old in a sling. I do try to add in some squats to tone my legs and behind and also a tummy exercise to close the gap in my belly muscles from pregnancy if time allows. For the squats I use one of those birth/ exercise balls and put that behind my back against the wall as I squat. These feel fantastic : ) For my tummy, I get on hands and knees and pull my belly button in as far as it will go. I also do this in a sitting position while driving or sitting at the table or on the sofa. I can definitely feel a difference. I also like those little dumb bells for arm exercises.
The Wii fit offers a fun cardio step workout as well as hula hooping which is fun. But again I'm not doing anything on a regular basis except for changing the way I've been eating.

Happy weight loss to my fellow homeschool mamas!

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