Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We took the day off yesterday

All workboxes were ready to go. But my dh had the idea to do some rearranging in the house, which took us 9 hours : (.  Boy what a day! So the kids helped out instead of doing school work.

Our project was switching our master bedroom and master retreat with the kids. His thinking was, we have 4 kids, and how nice it'd be for them to have a suite to themselves to contain kid toys. (he is not a fan of toys all over the house LOL). So what we did was all the dc into the master retreat for sleeping and gave them our master bedroom as a playroom. We switched our room to one of our dc's old rooms, our workout room moved to what had been the guest room, our guest room to one of our dc's other rooms and boy is your head spinning, because mine is LOL.

I got up this morning with the baby at 4. I just got her back to sleep and am going to fold some diapers, try to tidy a bit and do some chores after having a bite to eat.
I'm sure I'll be napping at some point today, blech it's going to be a long day!

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