Tuesday, June 9, 2009

School is going wonderfully!

This is our 2nd week of using Sue Patrick's workbox system. It's going so great this time around!
I do think using the tidi boxes by CLE made a huge difference for the kids and myself. They are easy for them to work through, easy to access and the visual of seeing what is getting done is still there. For me it's much easier to fill the boxes than when I had tried the hanging file folder option so I don't dread refilling them.

My 7.5 year old comes out each morning ready to get right to work, even before breakfast.

Fun things I've opted to add for them have been jigsaw puzzles, Kumon paper puzzles (that get cut, pasted and glued), tons of different file folder games, lip gloss, nail polish, thumb print art, lots of Lauri puzzle and lacing items (I'm a not made in China toy gal), funfelt dolls and other items from them, items from currclick like word searches, uncoloring pages and glue sheets.
I keep a spiral bound notebook and write what I put in each box for them so that the boxes are always different. Two days in a row they asked to help make them up with me. : )

My 2.5 year old was not so interested the first week, but this week my 7.5 year old helps him do his boxes and he has been happily "working" through the 5 I made up for him.

Overall I have to say it feels like we are getting so much done now verses before.

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