Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We took the day off yesterday

All workboxes were ready to go. But my dh had the idea to do some rearranging in the house, which took us 9 hours : (.  Boy what a day! So the kids helped out instead of doing school work.

Our project was switching our master bedroom and master retreat with the kids. His thinking was, we have 4 kids, and how nice it'd be for them to have a suite to themselves to contain kid toys. (he is not a fan of toys all over the house LOL). So what we did was all the dc into the master retreat for sleeping and gave them our master bedroom as a playroom. We switched our room to one of our dc's old rooms, our workout room moved to what had been the guest room, our guest room to one of our dc's other rooms and boy is your head spinning, because mine is LOL.

I got up this morning with the baby at 4. I just got her back to sleep and am going to fold some diapers, try to tidy a bit and do some chores after having a bite to eat.
I'm sure I'll be napping at some point today, blech it's going to be a long day!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Still happily workboxing

Last week on friday I found that we might have had too many boxes going (we've had 12 for each of the girls). So when I made up the boxes for today, last night I did 10 instead of 12.

So let's see, what's in our boxes today:

Skylar (7.5):
#1 Unit study story together - Little Owl in the Snow - with a notebook page to do on her own. Copywork of the book title, and a snowflake pattern cut, paste and coloring sheet.

#2 Christian light education math flash cards using hot dots so they are self checking. (I made these up myself : )

#3 CLE math lesson together.

#4 Piano lesson

#5 Mad libs for handwriting practice and some gentle grammar exposure.

#6 self checking clock cards to work on practicing telling time.

#7 Sonlight LA 1, today is the day we go over the new words for the week.

#8 create own puzzle (I ordered these from bare books)

#9 picture journal (also ordered that from bare books)

*10 Horse jigsaw puzzle

Summer (5.5):
#1 Unit study story together - Little Owl in the Snow - with a notebook page to do on her own. Copywork of the book title that she will trace, and a snowflake pattern that is a cut, paste and coloring sheet.

#2 Rhyming match puzzle.

#3 create own puzzle (I ordered these from bare books)

#4 Sonlight LA k, we cover one week of LA K in a day or two since it's review for her of the sounds (she's not ready for the writing in LA 1 yet which is why we are doing LA K).

#5 Piano lesson

#6  My first writing journal from Lakeshore Learning.

#7  Sorting apples by size file folder game. (math)

#8  Teddy bear sticker book (also math).

#9 picture journal (also ordered that from bare books)

*10 HWT roll a dough letters.

Also both girls have a picture card to cue them to go find the cat and play with or pet him for 20 - 30 minutes. This makes the cat very happy LOL.
I drew a picture of him on cards and I put that at a different place on the schedule strip each day.

Decklin - 2.5
He is able to recite from memory his stories "Five Little Kittens" and "Goodnight Moon" to us each night for bedtime reading.
His workboxes contain a spiral bound notebook with pens (he loves having "real work" like the girls), wooden animals, coloring book, little cars and paper towel roll for them to "drive through", picture touch and feel books, and a book that makes sounds.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

School is going wonderfully!

This is our 2nd week of using Sue Patrick's workbox system. It's going so great this time around!
I do think using the tidi boxes by CLE made a huge difference for the kids and myself. They are easy for them to work through, easy to access and the visual of seeing what is getting done is still there. For me it's much easier to fill the boxes than when I had tried the hanging file folder option so I don't dread refilling them.

My 7.5 year old comes out each morning ready to get right to work, even before breakfast.

Fun things I've opted to add for them have been jigsaw puzzles, Kumon paper puzzles (that get cut, pasted and glued), tons of different file folder games, lip gloss, nail polish, thumb print art, lots of Lauri puzzle and lacing items (I'm a not made in China toy gal), funfelt dolls and other items from them, items from currclick like word searches, uncoloring pages and glue sheets.
I keep a spiral bound notebook and write what I put in each box for them so that the boxes are always different. Two days in a row they asked to help make them up with me. : )

My 2.5 year old was not so interested the first week, but this week my 7.5 year old helps him do his boxes and he has been happily "working" through the 5 I made up for him.

Overall I have to say it feels like we are getting so much done now verses before.