Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Yesterday was a trip to the dentist

Well yesterday we didn't do much. The girls had both had a dentist appointment in the city. So that pretty much takes up the whole day with travel time, meals and the drive taking a toll on us. We decided to take the whole family. Bryon and Decklin spent the time at my brother's while I took the girls to the dentist. After we planned to all go to lunch, but Skylar was not feeling so great (a bit sore) so we picked up Chinese and headed to my brothers instead and ate there. That worked out much better. The kids got to spend a bit of time with him and we got to catch up and see what little things he's done to his new house.
For the ride home we got our standard Dunkin Donuts and off we went. The kids all fell asleep. I had a killer headache all day from not getting enough sleep the night before. So it was so nice to finally get home. I had hopes of doing something "schoolish" yesterday but I opted to toss that idea out the window and everyone just relaxed. The kids watched some PBS kids, and Bry and I lounged together on the couch.

The kids had a pretty busy weekend. Bry was home with us for a few extra days after taking Skylar to see her liver doctors. Summer and I baked and painted while they were gone. When Skylar came home Thursday she painted also. We used water color pencils and they made some neat pictures. We also received these neat journals called My day in pictures. Where there is a prompt that you read them and they draw something to go along with that. They did some of that and played outside a lot with Bry and Decklin. And they did some copywork, typing and drawing.
Saturday they took a nature walk with Bryon and our neighbor (who knows a lot of neat stuff). They came back with tons of neat treasures and after played outside some more when Decklin woke from his nap.
We just received the first in the K-2 book of Artistic Pursuits. I looked that over yesterday but not in depth since I was not feeling great. But at first blush it looks to be a huge treat.
We're going to do an art lesson once a week as a family. So Bry and I can take part in the neat projects with the kids too. It should be a good time.

I'm anxiously awaiting the new Sonlight catalog and counting down the days until that comes. That will give me some great reading while I countdown until the baby is born.
She is so amazingly active. Night time is hard and I can't wait until I am holding her on the outside instead of the inside. I've been catching up on some scrapbooking the last few weeks which has been going well.

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