Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The kids have been playing outside a lot weather permitting. We just ordered Decklin a toy he can climb on outside since the swing set towers are far too dangerous for him to use. So excited to see his face when that arrives.

The girls have made some pretty neat crafts lately. On their own they came up with paper dolls (which they made from scraps of cut paper) and they used buttons for eyes. Together we made hearts with a craft kit they got from Santa. And the other day we made larger felt heart pillows with fabric glue and lots of little decorations. They had fun doing that one since they could put all the funky decor on they wanted.

We've been great with keeping up schooling despite everything else that has been going on. Skylar is doing great in Sonlight LA 1. I had an older version of their instructors guide but opted to update the I Can Read It books. I soon realized that the redesign of the books was not matching up with the reading schedule or the assignments. So I ordered and just received the new instructors guide and am looking forward to reading that over tonight.

Summer is doing great in Sonlight LA K. We don't do it as written since she has her intro phonics sound down pat and is reading well, but we do things like copywork in a copybook with room for her to draw a picture of the letter that Sonlight wants to intro that week. She seems to be having fun doing that and comes up with some neat pictures to draw for certain letters. She is so creative! She loves tracing the Sonlight copywork with colored markers and asks to do the book daily. She is also practicing her writing in handwriting without tears. And she'll be starting up Math-u-see primer again soon.

Decklin has some books he loves so much. Five Little Kittens, Jessie Bear and Goodnight Moon. He asks for them over and over and even fills in some of the words as I read. He is such a little smarty. His next favorite thing is a sorting cube with different shape and colored blocks. He says "Want to play blocks with me?" or "Will you Read Kittens or Moon to me?"

We had tried doing Sonlight K science this year but I was just too unhappy with it. They are redesigning it and I can't wait to see that. Now we're doing our own science which the girls seem to love:
-We read one topic in Christian Liberty Press nature readers (right now working through book 1).
-We look up images of the animal/insect etc. online.
-They each have their own sketch book from barebooks that they draw their own version of the animal/insect in.
-After they are done drawing each of them narrates to me what they would like to say about the animal/insect on their page and I act as their secretary.
They ask to do this and have a lot of fun with it.

We recently are trying a new family schedule. Since Bry's back on a later shift we thought why not see if that also works better for the kids. Decklin goes down for his nap a bit later, the girls and I do school most times now after dinner, have even done it from 8pm - 10pm and had that work out well for us. During the day the kids are playing inside or outside, doing chores and so on. Meanwhile I do laundry, some household chores and also try to relax a bit and take it easy.

We spend Sunday cleaning the girls room top to bottom. Boy what a nightmare that was!
After a suggestion from an online friend. We set up a toy library. Each type of toy is now in a box or one of those Ziplock big bags and labeled by type, barbie's, baby dolls, dress up clothes and so on. And the girls can have one bag or box out at a time. And before pulling out another they have to clean up the first one and I make sure it's been put back. Until they get into the grove they have to come to me "toy librarian" to get new toys. Hopefully this will keep their room in check.
I also moved Summer's clothes from a dresser to open stacking baskets (her drawers were a nightmare). Next project is that I have to get Decklin's room back in order. I've been sorting clothes for the new baby in there and hope to finish that up this week.

Yesterday Skylar had a dental check up so we made a day of it and met my brother for lunch after, went and picked up new toothbrushes and then went and helped him do his taxes. We arrived home to snow and then pouring rain.
Gosh I'll be glad when the warm weather comes!

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