Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

2nd day down!

Today was our 2nd school day and it went just as well as yesterday. The only thing we didn't get to was was Math-u-see but Skylar was having a bit of a belly ache so we opted to watch the lesson tomorrow. The kids colored a picture of Adam and Eve as I read the bible story for today, and will finish up coloring a picture of Gladys Alyward from their history story and a picture of snow from their science story.
Right now they are pretending to be the box car children. : )

Friday, January 2, 2009

Our new year has begun!

Today we started our new year. I have a general plan for this year that I hope to stick with. Judging by today I think it will work well, but we'll see how things progress. And also how things go with a new baby come the spring.
But as it stands now, here is my pencil plan for the year:

Skylar (7) 2nd grade:
*Sonlight Language Arts 1 with Readers 1.
*Math-u-see Alpha, continue on from where we left off last year.
*Sonlight Intro to World Cultures
*Sonlight Science K
Goal for the year: Get her more confident with reading.

Summer (5) K:
*Sonlight Language Arts K with Readers 1.
*Counting with Numbers (by Rod and Staff)
*Sonlight Intro to World Cultures
*Sonlight Science K
Goal for the year: Working on her handwriting.

Both girls will be creating keepsake notebooks with coloring pages, print outs and such to go along with the Sonlight books we read. We did them last year for our FIAR books and the girls love looking over them. Relating to that, today we did some coloring pages on Gladys Aylward and China. And added a picture of Ms. Aylward that we found online to our Sonlight markable map. We also printed out a backpack and they told me what items they'd take if they had to travel a long distance like Gladys did. We also colored some rainbows for science, 2 days of the science readings and did the Sonlight science activity sheets for those days.

Happy Holidays!

This year my parents were able to fly in and stay with us for 8 days and celebrate Christmas, the New Year and other special things we had going on during this time. We had such a wonderful time together. I think my Mom left with a feeling of having to move here sooner rather than later and I'm hoping she will pursue it. We also celebrated Decklin's 2nd birthday, Our 12th wedding anniversary, Skylar finishing up her 1st grade year and Summer her preschool year.