Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The nausea has arrived

I've had terrible morning, actually all day sickness for the past few days. The thought of cooking anything really makes my tummy roll.
I definitely need to take a bit of a school break for now until I am feeling better.
I'm going to have the girls do reading to me, some math-u-see for Skylar and some CM books on cd for both of them. I'm hoping that and some PBS kids/Noggin will get us through this rough patch until I am feeling a bit more normal.
We wanted this baby so badly so I am greeting these feelings with a smile each day. Each day brings us a step closer to our new little bundle and I cannot wait!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Here we are...

Well after much consideration, I am sticking with tried and true items for us. So our curriculum is the side panel under our 2008 curriculum. It's not broke so I will not fix it LOL. We are having such a wonderful time.

Bryon has changed to swing shift at work so our school days will be changing so we can be off when he's off. We didn't end up signing the kids up for anything for now. Though Awana looked great. Time wise it would have been hard for me to manage where it fell on Sunday nights. The girls have not even mentioned it again so I guess it was not something they were all too interested in doing after all.. hum.

Also we are expecting a new baby in May 09 so that will be a wonderful addition. We're also going to be doing a homebirth with a midwife. Totally new experience for me since I've only done hospital births with epidurals. But we can't wait! As before when I was pregnant with Decklin the girls learned a lot and this time will be a great learning experience for them as well. They were over the moon when we told them about the baby!
They are super excited to see an infant in cloth diapers as well LOL.