Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 2008

We were able to have Bryon home with us for 3 weeks while he recovered from Gallbladder surgery. He had to take it easy but it was still so enjoyable to have him home. The kids simply loved it.
Decklin simply loves books. He is thrilled when I ask if he wants a story. He climbed up at the little table today and just began looking at books that were there and saying names of things. Such as bugs, butterflies and so on.
He already loves to play with the heavy bag. He says "punch punch" and also loves hitting golf balls in the house. We hope to get him his own set of left handed clubs very soon so he can really get into it with a proper club.
The girls asked for a pile of magazines and sat outside pretending to give each other pedicures. It was so funny. (they each have their feet soaking in water LOL).

I believe we'll be doing a curriculum switch to Five In A Row unit studies.
I just feel the need to change from Sonlight for now. I had to let go of their LA as it was really taking too much from me, and with the baby it was just too hard to get to. So we are back to Queens Language Lessons along with Explode the code and that's going great.
We did our first unit study this week on the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom from materials I gathered on That went wonderfully and it was really a breath of fresh air. There is a picture of what we did this week from the girls' notebooks.
Not that I don't love Sonlight. As I will still continue to use some of their books just more of in checklist format not by the instructors guide. I'm hoping that Five In A row will be a great fit for us.

What a busy month it's been

Sadly I didn't get an update here in May. But it's just been crazy around here.
Here are some pictures of what we did in May.
The girls put together a groundhog lapbook for my dad. He has a family of them living under his shed and Skylar especially wanted to be sure he would not harm them. Which is why she called it "please don't hurt me"
Decklin is getting in some dry erase board fun.