Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Summer is reading!!!!

What an exciting day we have had today. Our sweet 4 year old Summer is picking up blending!!!!
Skylar and I were thrilled as we sat at the table today and Summer read 3 books to us!
We are so proud of her!!!

Let's see... what else is going on.
We began our new math program (Math-u-see) and we are all loving that. What a fun way to do math. Our history Core is going wonderfully. Both the girls have fallen in love with the Box Car Children. And a book called Apple and the Arrow (about William Tell). Which I thought started off slow but now has us all on the edge of our seats LOL. Summer's handwriting is so lovely, she insists on writing everything, letters, numbers, you name it.
Skylar just began writing to a penpal in Sweden. She got her first letter yesterday and is so thrilled.
The girls are joining the homeschool bowling league for the spring season.

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