Sunday, January 13, 2008

First day of the new school year

Our first day was 1/11/08. After fighting off some bug that got the whole family, except Bryon who somehow managed to avoid it.

This is Skylar's first grade year and Summer's Pre-k.
  • We began the day with them each creating a cover for their personal journals. Where they will keep anything we notebook through out the year (or until it gets full and we need a new one LOL). And they each colored the day on their new 2008 calendars after we had gone over the days of the week together.
  • I could not believe we had taken a month off from doing anything schoolish, except for watching Bear Gryles on discovery and several nature shows as a family.
  • Both the girls picked up with their seatwork without missing a beat. And as always Summer wanted to do page after page of Explode the Code. Gotta love that.
  • We read The Sword of Damocles from Fifty Famous Stories Retold which really seemed to hold their interest. The Beginners bible, a tale from Norweign Folktales about two boys who outsmarted 3 trolls , went over Usbornes 1st 1000 words and created two flowers for their notebooks from the Flower ABC book. We also went over some spanish and some signing. And then they worked on some drawing from Ed Emberly's books.
  • I was concerned that our reading schedule may be a bit light but we have two more books coming which should round out things nicely. We're adding some books on how families all over the world live. The girls love looking at the globe and talking about far off places (for awhile Summer had plans to run away to Iceland LOL and she got a kick out of seeing it on the globe.) Even Bry and I are so excited to get these new books in hands.
  • And our sweet little man is walking all over by himself now. So he's been having a great old time. And he just loves how the girls cheer him on when he comes walking in the room or trailing them down the hall.

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