Saturday, December 6, 2008

Feeling pretty good

Skylar will finish up her 1st grade year over the next few weeks. Summer is pretty advanced so not sure if we're going to put her right into first or do a year of K first. Still working that out.
Decklin is learning his Abc's and 123's and lately the names of Barbie princesses, thanks to his sisters : ( LOL.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

wwwoooo hooo!

I have not had morning sickness in 2 days!
I am over the moon about that.
Now time to get back to normal : )

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The nausea has arrived

I've had terrible morning, actually all day sickness for the past few days. The thought of cooking anything really makes my tummy roll.
I definitely need to take a bit of a school break for now until I am feeling better.
I'm going to have the girls do reading to me, some math-u-see for Skylar and some CM books on cd for both of them. I'm hoping that and some PBS kids/Noggin will get us through this rough patch until I am feeling a bit more normal.
We wanted this baby so badly so I am greeting these feelings with a smile each day. Each day brings us a step closer to our new little bundle and I cannot wait!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Here we are...

Well after much consideration, I am sticking with tried and true items for us. So our curriculum is the side panel under our 2008 curriculum. It's not broke so I will not fix it LOL. We are having such a wonderful time.

Bryon has changed to swing shift at work so our school days will be changing so we can be off when he's off. We didn't end up signing the kids up for anything for now. Though Awana looked great. Time wise it would have been hard for me to manage where it fell on Sunday nights. The girls have not even mentioned it again so I guess it was not something they were all too interested in doing after all.. hum.

Also we are expecting a new baby in May 09 so that will be a wonderful addition. We're also going to be doing a homebirth with a midwife. Totally new experience for me since I've only done hospital births with epidurals. But we can't wait! As before when I was pregnant with Decklin the girls learned a lot and this time will be a great learning experience for them as well. They were over the moon when we told them about the baby!
They are super excited to see an infant in cloth diapers as well LOL.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

June 2008

We were able to have Bryon home with us for 3 weeks while he recovered from Gallbladder surgery. He had to take it easy but it was still so enjoyable to have him home. The kids simply loved it.
Decklin simply loves books. He is thrilled when I ask if he wants a story. He climbed up at the little table today and just began looking at books that were there and saying names of things. Such as bugs, butterflies and so on.
He already loves to play with the heavy bag. He says "punch punch" and also loves hitting golf balls in the house. We hope to get him his own set of left handed clubs very soon so he can really get into it with a proper club.
The girls asked for a pile of magazines and sat outside pretending to give each other pedicures. It was so funny. (they each have their feet soaking in water LOL).

I believe we'll be doing a curriculum switch to Five In A Row unit studies.
I just feel the need to change from Sonlight for now. I had to let go of their LA as it was really taking too much from me, and with the baby it was just too hard to get to. So we are back to Queens Language Lessons along with Explode the code and that's going great.
We did our first unit study this week on the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom from materials I gathered on That went wonderfully and it was really a breath of fresh air. There is a picture of what we did this week from the girls' notebooks.
Not that I don't love Sonlight. As I will still continue to use some of their books just more of in checklist format not by the instructors guide. I'm hoping that Five In A row will be a great fit for us.

What a busy month it's been

Sadly I didn't get an update here in May. But it's just been crazy around here.
Here are some pictures of what we did in May.
The girls put together a groundhog lapbook for my dad. He has a family of them living under his shed and Skylar especially wanted to be sure he would not harm them. Which is why she called it "please don't hurt me"
Decklin is getting in some dry erase board fun.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Apple and The Arrow

We were reading the Apple and The Arrow as part of our Sonlight Core. Skylar and I decided to make a lapbook about it. We haven't made one in so long. I think it came out pretty well. She dictated what she wanted me to write. She did the stamping and choose and cut out the pictures oh and she colored the flag of course.
She showed her dad today and told him all about Gessler (the evil tyrant) and the hero (William Tell).

March 2008

Our little Summer is reading! Here is a photo of her with her Sonlight Funtales book, Pam.
The girls helped paint shelfs to go over each of their bunk beds. I'd say we'll call this our handicraft for the week.

The girls are enjoying their library books that they picked out after their first trip to the local library.
They got their own cards and everything! What fun!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Summer is reading!!!!

What an exciting day we have had today. Our sweet 4 year old Summer is picking up blending!!!!
Skylar and I were thrilled as we sat at the table today and Summer read 3 books to us!
We are so proud of her!!!

Let's see... what else is going on.
We began our new math program (Math-u-see) and we are all loving that. What a fun way to do math. Our history Core is going wonderfully. Both the girls have fallen in love with the Box Car Children. And a book called Apple and the Arrow (about William Tell). Which I thought started off slow but now has us all on the edge of our seats LOL. Summer's handwriting is so lovely, she insists on writing everything, letters, numbers, you name it.
Skylar just began writing to a penpal in Sweden. She got her first letter yesterday and is so thrilled.
The girls are joining the homeschool bowling league for the spring season.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Have done a total revamping of our 2008 school year

Well the best laid plans sometimes do not work out as one hopes they should.
So though I had good intentions using the curriculum I put together for science and read alouds. It just did not work very well. The science, well I kept not getting to it (bad Mom LOL, I know).
The read alouds, again kept not getting to them. I just felt like my schedule was not detailed enough. So our new material for 2008 is, drum roll please............Sonlight Core C, and wait there's more, Sonlight Language arts, Piano for Preschoolers and Apologia astronomy.

So here's what each of the girls are working on:

Skylar - 6 - 1st grade
  • history/social studies/geography/poetry: Sonlight Core C & reading Material world
  • Language Arts: Sonlight K LA, Explode the code, Handwriting without tears yellow book, finishing up Language Lessons for little ones, Vol 2.
  • science: nature walks, the Story book of Science, Apologia astronomy with experiments
  • Math: horizons K and Kumon book of Time adding in 1 - 100 as well to use with the hundreds chart
  • reading: bob books and funtales
  • manners, free art, music appreciation
Summer - 4 - Prek
  • history/social studies/geography/poetry: Sonlight Core C & reading Material world
  • Language Arts: Sonlight K LA - tracing the copywork, Explode the code primers, Handwriting without tears green book, finishing up Language Lessons for little ones, Vol 1.
  • science: nature walks, the Story book of Science, Apologia astronomy with experiments
  • Math: 1 - 100 to use with the hundreds chart
  • manners, free art, music appreciation
Decklin - 14 months
  • majoring in adding more words his vocabulary and mischief making.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

First day of the new school year

Our first day was 1/11/08. After fighting off some bug that got the whole family, except Bryon who somehow managed to avoid it.

This is Skylar's first grade year and Summer's Pre-k.
  • We began the day with them each creating a cover for their personal journals. Where they will keep anything we notebook through out the year (or until it gets full and we need a new one LOL). And they each colored the day on their new 2008 calendars after we had gone over the days of the week together.
  • I could not believe we had taken a month off from doing anything schoolish, except for watching Bear Gryles on discovery and several nature shows as a family.
  • Both the girls picked up with their seatwork without missing a beat. And as always Summer wanted to do page after page of Explode the Code. Gotta love that.
  • We read The Sword of Damocles from Fifty Famous Stories Retold which really seemed to hold their interest. The Beginners bible, a tale from Norweign Folktales about two boys who outsmarted 3 trolls , went over Usbornes 1st 1000 words and created two flowers for their notebooks from the Flower ABC book. We also went over some spanish and some signing. And then they worked on some drawing from Ed Emberly's books.
  • I was concerned that our reading schedule may be a bit light but we have two more books coming which should round out things nicely. We're adding some books on how families all over the world live. The girls love looking at the globe and talking about far off places (for awhile Summer had plans to run away to Iceland LOL and she got a kick out of seeing it on the globe.) Even Bry and I are so excited to get these new books in hands.
  • And our sweet little man is walking all over by himself now. So he's been having a great old time. And he just loves how the girls cheer him on when he comes walking in the room or trailing them down the hall.